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Whether you're fresh to the sport or a seasoned veteran, we're curious how long you've been at it. When did your addiction to mountain bikes begin?

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How long have you been riding mountain bikes?

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bturman bturman 11/22/2013 2:53 PM

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4 years ago my wife got me a department store mtb. She said she wanted to ride around the block like when she was a kid. I told her "you know I'll be playing in the dirt right?" Broke that & ended up with a 2011 Trancex3 Enduro style.

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I began to MTB when I was 30 years old now I'm 47, strange at first in single tracks was diffucult then I heat them ,but with the practes became easy now.......

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Been riding ever since my mom took the leash off of me as a child. As soon as that happened, I was gone on my bike.

As kids and early teens, it really didn't matter what bikes we rode. We'd hit the trails and go exploring the town on mountain bikes, road bikes, bmx etc. Whatever rolled was good.

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I been riding my bike for a year now ,I bought it in Quebec Canada and I just starting to love my bike when I brought it home.its a good feeling because I just starting to love my bike I can go anywhere I want.only the thing is there not much trails here in the Philippines but still there are certain places they try to make a trail park for bike lovers.i have a norco b-line downhill bike I just try to upgrade some of its parts just to keep me updated and I'll just go online to buy for accessories and parts and when I'm in New York I buy mountain bike magazines up to now I keep on reading it once in a while."live to ride ,ride to live" peace.

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I don't consider anyone to have truly "started riding" until they learned how to bunnyhop. Cuz I've seen people who worked in sales at the bike shop, claiming they know everything because they have been "riding for years". Then one day your riding with them , and realize this person can't even bunnyhop up a curb................... They've been riding for years....... but they really haven't been riding

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So I voted, then viewed the results... Looks like what I've been telling folks all along is true: VitalMTB is Pinkbike for grownups. And thank the heavens for it.

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