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Nukeproof Horizon CL Clipless Pedals Reviewed by Top Member Reviewer and Jenson USA Award Winner

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Nukeproof Horizon CL Clipless Pedals - "For the past couple of years now I have been always a flat pedal rider. They better suited my riding styles as I spend most of my time hitting jumps. Over the past year, I have been spending more time racing and riding rougher trails and I started to look into the benefits of clipless pedals. Finally, after a bunch of research, I decided to purchase the Nukeproof Horizon CL Clipless Pedals (the DH ones) for my enduro bike. These pedals would be my first introduction to the world of clipless pedals, so it was very important to me that I choose the correct pedals. I wanted my pedals to have a big platform to replicate the flat pedal feel. The Horizon Cl pedals are the same size as an average flat pedal making them one of the biggest clipless medals on the market.

Included in the box was the two pedals, an instruction manual, two cleats, and spacers. These spacers allow you to adjust the height of the pins to make them stick out more or less. After fiddling with the pins, I decided to remove all of the spacers to allow more contact on the bottom of my shoes. The pedals also have a tension adjust located on each side of the pedal. When I first tried to clip in, I noticed the tension to be very tight but when I checked out the tension, it was set to the lowest tension possible. After about a day of learning to clip in and out, I began to feel the tension get looser and looser, but the tension adjust was still in the same position. I realized that these pedals break-in after a short period of time so many readers will need to adjust the tension after a day or so.

Fast-forward 9 months, I really enjoy these pedals. The big platform offers plenty of support and feels great against the bottom of your shoe. These pedals have also been holding up really well to the muddy and try conditions. The only problems I have had with the pedals would be the paint quality and the difficulty required to set the pedals up. After just a few muddy rides I noticed the paint starting to wear off revealing its shiny aluminum body. This didn't affect the performance, just the looks. Even to this day I am still adjusting the pedals to make them feel better. Just a slight adjustment in tension has a big effect on the feeling of the pedals which can often worsen the feel. I have spent countless hours trying to get them to feel perfect and it has been really hard to do so.

Overall, I would only recommend this pedal to someone with a lot of experience riding clipless pedals or someone who knows exactly how they want their pedal to feel. As a beginner, I found these pedals to be overwhelming to set up as there were a lot of adjustments to make." - Read more»

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