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After several years of competition in the current site that has seen more than its fair share of lines being built and flipped, riders are calling for fresh terrain. The Claw has been on the lookout, and may have found a new site.


Located not far from the 2013 zone, this area looks like it could be the ticket. Cam McCaul commented on the picture "Yes yes yes, let's do this!" Needless to say, this could make Rampage 2014 even more interesting... Dates have yet to be announced.

Relive some of the action from last year's event and get pumped for what's to come:

Catch up with Darren in this recent video
and be sure to follow him on instagram for more updates.

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bturman bturman 4/5/2014 8:33 AM

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I just rewatched the Red Bull Best of Rampage '13 and it seems to me that the biggest priority should be sheltering from the winds. Is it sticking out in the breeze or sheltered from it around the corner?

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Agreed, Rampage is due for a new site. If Berrecloth and McCaul like it, then I want to see it. But photographers could climb all over the old site, this looks treacherous for those without magic wheels and/or helicopter. Red Bull knows the money comes from the media, not rider stoke.

Then again, maybe the media will film the whole thing with quadcopters. It's a brave new world MFers.

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The Quad copter thing could be a whole new angle. Each rider team could have it's own flight/camera crew which could both contribute to the coverage and compete for the best coverage and edit of their rider's run. Congrats on Islay. My brother says its a popular name of late in the homeland.

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With a brand new site, it would be at least possible to say no wood features for at least the first year.

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