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Michelin Wild Rock'R2 Tire - MSRP: $94.99

The Good: Incredible traction on all kinds of rocks. Incredible protection from all kinds of rocks. Solid performer on hardpack.

The Bad: They attract mud. Too draggy and heavy for mild trail riding.

"Michelin's Rock'R2 thread pattern have been around for while now, but recent DH tire development and gradual renaming / rearranging of their lineup suggest thing are not laying still.

Getting to the good parts of my loop takes a bit of commute and Wild Rock'R2 is not one of those tyres that makes it easier. What hit me first, once on the trail, is the ride quality. I heard good things about Michelin in this regard and the rumors were true. These tires really work like extra suspension, and a very good one at that. Somewhat respecting high recommended pressures at 25/28 Psi F/R, these are stable and really well damped. On hardpack spots these are well competent, the harder and more polished it is the better. On loose forest floor, the Wild Rock'R2 starts sliding a bit in predictable and enjoyable fashion, but pushing hard stops generating desired speed. While spinning in mud, it acts very similar to benchmark DHF, difference being it is much harder to clean afterwards from numerous grooves across knobs.

So far, some good and some bad stuff. There is however one rock garden in my testing loop, which will wreak havoc on tyres. It goes on for about 50m, jagged edges everywhere, firm bed littered with loose rocks. Once again, these tyres were one of a kind. So much reassurance on tap, from this perfectly tuned casing and rubber. Knobs grabbed any and every size rock they encountered. From piles of gravel to slick faces, that generous sipping and angular design was doing wonders. Coming off Maxxis DHF/DHR 2,5 3C Exo WT I used to just point and pray in rocky switchbacks but now I was able to pick my lines through. On a bike like Transition Scout, these never felt like I should be worried about pinch flats. 

As a bonus, I had opportunity to ride them on icy roads and snowy trails. What made them stick to rocks in warm made them really well behaved in sub-zero conditions. 

Without a doubt, the Michelin Wild Rock'R2 is a specialized tyre. While my own riding doesn't warrant having them on full time, knowing what I know now, I would buy them solely for trips (or even a single one) to rocky trails of European Alps and some classic Italian riding spots. If I was to ride trail/enduro bike in a place like Moab or Sedona these would be my go to, at least as a front tyre." - Read more»

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