Liteville 601MK4 Super Enduro bike.

Liteville continues to evolve their enduro bikes. Last year they wanted to move to a 27.5-inch rear end, so they did by moving the seat tube forward in the frame. As a result, they had to use a set-back seatpost, which was only made possible once they went to a wider diameter tube, now at 34.9mm. This bigger tube allows them to run their integrated EightPins adjustable seatpost which can give up to a whopping 220mm travel depending on the frame size you’re running. The 601MK4 features 180mm of rear travel and can fit a 27.5-inch tire up to 2.6-inches wide.

This evolution of geometry has moved into the Liteville 301 MK14, the 14th version of their 301 trail mountain bike. The 301 (140-160mm rear travel) gets the EightPins dropper compatibility and the forward seat tube concept. Their show bike was built up with some pretty bling parts like Eagle XX1 and Trickstuff brakes.

Across all the Liteville bikes, they’re using what they call EVO 6, which is an asymmetric 12x148 rear end. What they've done is corrected the chainline by moving to a dishless build, so wheels have to be built specifically for the bikes. This allows a near-perfect distribution of spoke tension of 52 to 48% on the two sides of the wheel. Increasing wheel strength along with the realignment of the chain line was their main goal with this standard. They believe the bike industry has compromised the chainline with regards to the climbing gears too much, so they moved the whole rear hub to the right to optimize the chainline.

The rear axle features nice, little details like the allen key that doubles as the rear axle extractor. Liteville also attaches the rear derailleur using a hanger which is bolt-based. The bolt can take the hit on the trail, snapping and saving the hanger and/or the derailleur. A built-in spare bolt can be used for any issues on-trail. Finally a protective wing sits out over the derailleur keeping it surprisingly well protected.

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