Kirt Voreis, the man who has probably done more to inspire modern mountain bike riding than anyone else on the planet, does not have a bike sponsor.  Two weeks ago, #allhailvoreis posted this instagram video with the hashtag #sponsormevid.


​Kirt crushed World Cups years ago, he brought tailwhips and barspins to big wheels (on a full suspension bike mind you) and his creativity and ability to make anything on two wheels fun is unparalleled. Just cruise through his Instagram accounts (@kirtvoreis_allride or @trik_mountain_bike_skills), you'll be entertained and may actually remember what you just viewed, not to mention get stoked to ride. He's not spamming us to death with epic rides and the social media lie of a perfect life that make us numb. Kirt is showing us what riding a bike is all

I'm not Kirt's agent. He doesn't even know I'm writing this at 5:30 in the morning, but Voreis without a ride kept me up last night. MTB brands that have turned down the chance to pick up Kirt, you are BLOWING IT. Bring some reality back to MTB. Stop putting all of your money towards selling the dream of perfect singletrack, filmed by a drone in some remote location that only seven people will ever actually ride. Stop worrying about follower numbers and worry about the actual followers and future of mountain biking. Take a tiny slice of your pie and invest in the spirit of Kirt Voreis so a generation of boring, predictable MTBers can be inspired to do great things. #endrant #allhailvoreis #makeMTBfunagain -gordo

Some ancient food for thought.

photo by Sven Martin

photo by Dennis Yuroshek

photo by Dennis Yuroshek


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