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#mtbbatman has been watching kids. Not in a weird, through-your-window, self-righteous way, but more like a caring, older-brother-making-sure-you-continue-along-a-path-of-endless-selfies kind of way. One thing #mtbbatman has noticed over the last year of progressive instabanging by the MTB crowd, is the rise in #instafails (#instaf$&kups for the hardcore-crowd) where an athlete or individual may post something before really thinking about the impact on reputation and character. They say the internet is written in ink. For you digital tots who've never lifted a writing utencil, that means what you post is permanent, so post wisely and with style.

Sven Martin, Joe Bowman and Duncan Philpott have brought you the best of Instagram and the top accounts to follow, so it's time for some education with how (not) to #instafail as executed by some of MTB's finest specimens.

The fishing hat underneath the helmet it to compensate for the visor he doesn't have. #squidlid #moto #dork #aerodynamic [o]judd

A photo posted by People of Whistler Bike Park (@peopleofwbp) on

@peopleofWBP (people of Whistler Bike Park) is a whole account filled with fails. It's worth browsing their archive for fashion do's and do-not's if you're planning a trip Whistler.


I'm so "pumped" on this new #GoPro #hero4

A photo posted by Brian Lopes (@brianlopes) on

@brianlopes ain't skurred of a challenge, instafail or internet hate. He's also no social media dummy, just reeling in you all-too-serious haters the same way he pulled fools on the 4X course throughout the years. If you visit the post above, the "eat a cheeseburger" and "junk on the" replies from his followers are pretty freaking priceless, too. #smarterthanyouthink


Messing around with @kaneophoto . Wheelies are the best. @_twelveoclock

A photo posted by Connor Fearon (@connorahoyhoy) on

If @connorahoyhoy wasn't so rad on a bike, his instaname would be a complete bomb. Is it one hoy or two ahoys? Who knows. Here are some suggestions for your 2.0 instalife, Connor - @yeeuhhhcahnnuh, @knobripperoffer1, @dearworldcupdherssorryiruinedyour2015seasonbysmokingyou


Mr. @yoannbarelli is an absolute piece of lunacy on the bike (and off it), but this 'bar drag' seems a bit suspect, does it not? Your followers know better.



A photo posted by Darren berrecloth (@dberrecloth) on

We all know The Claw is a massive risk taker on the bike and it seems that lust for risk occasionally oozes into his Instagram feed, too. There's a time and a place for a meme, @dberrecloth. It's anytime you're on Pinterest.


Just wanted to see what you guys thought of my Christmas beard

A photo posted by Ryan Villopoto (@ryanvillopoto) on

@ryanvillopoto is such a boss that it kills us slightly inside to see his Instagram so awash with #instafails. No.



@aarongwin1 is a humble guy, he's 300x faster than anyone reading this right now and he's even called us out for internet'ing more than riding. We like that. With that said, his Instagram feed could do with a little more spice than the salsa shown here.

Muy habanero, Gwintastic. #moarofthisplease. Quality first hashtag, too.


@samhill13. He’s often found falling foul of the can-sta-gram post. In an interview with Sam dropping on Vital this Sunday, we ask if he actually drinks the stuff. We should have just followed his Instagram feed a little more closely.

Swooping season and I'm so over this bird. #magpie #australia #who'sgotagun

A video posted by SAM HILL (@samhill13) on

Then all of Sambo's can-sta-gram offenses are totally redeemed with cool insights into the life of a pro with some humor. We're guessing some World Cup podium chaser trained this canary to hassle Hill and distract him during intervals. #alwaysawinner


#tbt with @parisgore gettin the nugs for the #deepsummer photo challenge last summer.

A photo posted by James Doerfling (@jamesdoerfling) on

Come on @jamesdoerfling we think you can do better.

#whipitwednesday Photo: @margusriga

A photo posted by James Doerfling (@jamesdoerfling) on

Hey, we're right.


Mr. Slow Sign slowing Jerry the fuck down #keepingjerrysafe

A video posted by Colton (@jerryoftheday) on

It's a sign. @jerryoftheday


Happy #humpday people! @harookz #gutsnbutts

A photo posted by Jordie Lunn (@jordielunn) on

Even when @jordielunn tries to fail, he can't. 


Hey, @beaumont_slugger,  #needzmoarpixelz

An old one of me slightly under rotating a flip.

A photo posted by Neil Donoghue (@neildonoghue) on

Or maybe it's just the lack of internet in Shropshire, eh @neildonoghue?


Remember when you were a kid and you just plastered sticker after sticker all over your notebook with no regard for placement? That's what @bragevestavik is doing with his hashtags. We'll chalk it up to youthful enthusiasm...this time.


(Photo: @svenmartinphoto )

Una foto publicada por @gee_atherton el

Oh, hey. @gee_atherton may be last across the Instagram finish line by signing up just a couple of days ago with an uncredited photo, but he's learning fast. Welcome to the future Geeman.Photo

@edmasters leaves us with a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that with all the instafails out there, the instabangers will always reign supreme. And so will covering your friends in roost.


If you have an Instagram post you'd like Sven, Duncan or Joe to check out, use the hashtag #VitalGramCentral and make their jobs that much easier.

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