If you haven't noticed, we love gearbox bikes at Vital. They're not perfect and they're hard to find, but we still believe in their potential and so do some pioneering Vital MTB members. Check out some gearbox bikes that Vital MTB members have shared in our bike check section and you may get on the bandwagon, too!

F1234K's Zerode Taniwha

Zerode's Taniwha carbon enduro bike is now a reality and long-time gearbox aficionado, F1234K, has his hands on one. The carbon-framed beauty is built with DVO suspension and a Pinion gearbox 12-speed drivetrain. He says, "Rides amazing. Up and down, just brilliant. Quite, controlled, FUN!" We. Are. Down!

Lieutenant Dan's Zerode Taniwha

Lieutenant Dan must have taken a break from shrimpin' to build up this impeccable all-black Zerode Taniwha. PUSH Elevensix rear shock, DVO Diamond 170 Boost and Wheelworks Derby carbon wheels for a build we'd trade our souls for. Sickest build of 2016? Quite possible.

YoYo's Zerode G2.5 DH Bike

YoYo has built up this clean 27.5-inch-wheeled G2.5 DH bike. Dialed blue and black color scheme and Formula brakes to boot.

Benoit Coulanges Nicolai Effigear ION 20 Effigear

If you wonder how Benoit Coulanges stays so under the radar on the World Cup circuit, it's because his Nicolai ION 20 Effigear is so quiet. Benoit has had Top 20 results aboard this bad boy. His Effigear drivetrain is belt-driven and set up with six speeds (you can run up to nine) and the bike weighing in at 38.5 pounds.

Hear that? Neither do we : )


Pup Wattanasimagon's Nicolai GPI

It doesn't get more modern or experimental than this. Pinion belt drive 1.12 drivetrain and Nicolai's long and slack geometry make this bike standout. The raw aluminum finish with black accents look good and at 34 pounds, this bike is ready to rumble up and down the mountain. Is this the future?

Folken's Nicolai Argon AM Pinion

A Pinion gearbox, spiked tires and 150mm FOX fork make Argon's Nicolai ready for some brutal winter riding. Remember, ano purple never dies.

Aeon's Nicolai Argon AM Pinion

Another hardtail speed machine with a 160mm RockShox Pike up front and Pinion's belt-drive system out back. Green and black color schemes make this hulk a winner.

Aurech's Cavalerie Anakin Effigear

Clean lines and a bright build for Aurech's Cavalerie Anakin. The 160mm-travel frame with Effigear belt drive is running a 180mm Yari up front and a Works angleset to slacken the bike out by one degree. #gitsum

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  • Greg J

    12/24/2016 7:37 PM

    I would be onto one of these in 3 secs except Grip shift and no shifting while you pedal...c'mon some motivated smart person do a proper shifter for us. Build it and they will come!

  • dan.wojo

    12/28/2016 3:06 AM

    I know its personal preference/opinion but think you could make the grip shift work & within a ride it would become second nature. FWIW Jerome Clementz runs a grip shift and momentarily self clutching I don't see as a big deal. The upside is you can gain or dump a bunch of gears on the fly and precisely be where you want to be instantly & accurately.

  • uphillsg

    12/21/2016 2:01 AM

    I feel like I've been forgotten.. but I built up my mates Taniwha on Monday, it's insanely nice, and now Tim is riding way faster than me, hmmm maybe there is something in a new bike.. and after seeing it at the new Christchurch bike park yesterday three more people are heading to order one for themselves.. r18 and contagious

  • dan.wojo

    12/28/2016 2:52 AM

    Photos please? Without photos did it happen?

  • uphillsg

    12/29/2016 2:08 AM

  • adrennan

    12/20/2016 2:58 PM

    You have to be 18 to look at that black Taniwha. That is bike porn.

  • chrisingrassia

    12/20/2016 11:29 PM

    Looks like a Nomad. Which has got to be exactly what PUSH built the shock off of.

  • musta

    12/22/2016 9:30 AM

    It's common knowledge that pivot location is ideal for bikes. Even my old Yeti 575 has similar linkage design and pivot location, that's from 2009. Get off Santa Cruz's nut

  • chrisingrassia

    12/22/2016 9:56 AM

    you mad bro?

  • musta

    12/22/2016 10:06 AM

    Not at all? Just trying to teach people that Santa Cruz didn't event physics, suspension kinematics or a pivot location as much as you would like to believe

  • adrennan

    12/22/2016 10:01 AM

    I do agree with musta, push designs the valving to work with specific bikes. it is possible that this guy got it custom valved for his zerode or just chose a similar valving and made it work. or he is wildly talented and did his own shim stack work...

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