Get A Grip That Gives - Trail One Hell's Gate and Vital MTB Gear Club

Just one of the awesome products we stuffed in our June box.

Yes, grips are a rather personal decision when it comes to choosing a contact point. Trail One Components, however, is making a pretty compelling case for riders to give them a chance. The overall design incorporates a number of patterns and degrees of cushion that plays like an MTB mixtape. It was to that end that Vital MTB Gear Club included the Hell's Gate grip in the June, 2022 box.

Examining the trip, on the top, there are five smooth pads overlaid on a soft, knurled base. The underside has raised fins to give added grip in the rough stuff. To the inside is a soft, mushroom style pattern to keep the insides of your hands from getting too beat up. With a single lock design and medium diameter, we knew that riders would find something to love about these grips. How do you top that? How about for every pair of grips sold, Trail One donates $1 to the trail system the part is named after.

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