New Formula Selva R Fork and Cura 4 Brakes 0

Chances are good that by now you’ve heard of the Selva S fork from Formula which was released last year and has been received well in the enduro and all-mountain communities, especially by those who enjoy the ability to fine tune their suspension characteristics. New for 2019, Formula is introducing the Selva R which is a slightly upgraded fork from the S model. It retains the same damping system known as CTS but will gain a wider compression range as well as the ability to adjust both the positive and negative air spring chambers using a shock pump.

Why the change? Versus an air spring that can equalize itself, Formula feels this type of air spring results in less wear inside the fork, typically across the equalizer port where higher friction can occur. It also allows the user to change travel without the need for a new air spring, and it provides the ability to customize the feel from firm to plush, especially in the initial stroke.

The Selva R is made in Italy and comes with Formula’s Neo Pos compressible volume spacers. This type of volume spacer is said to provide a more consistent air spring feel regardless of compression speed, improved mid-stroke, and a less harsh ramp at the end of the travel compared to the solid type of volume spacer most people have experience with.

A final update is that they have refined all of the adjustments on top of the fork to have a lower profile which provides more clearance at the downtube and a cleaner overall package. The Selva R should be available November 15.

We also got word about the Cura 4 downhill brakes which feature four 18mm pistons and are said to be very powerful. Considering the two-piston version of the Cura has proven itself against many of today’s other top contending brakes, we’re really intrigued to see how these perform on the trail. They use the same master cylinder as the original Cura. The Cura 4 also gets a thicker rotor than the original Cura which is said to improve modulation and provide a bit less noise under heavy braking scenarios.


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