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Since Aaron Gwin is one of the fastest mountain bikers on the planet, we figured we'd kick off Fast Fives with him, our favorite American ginger downhiller.

What PSI are you running in your front tire right now?
24 lbs of pure oxygen

Would you rather eat Cheerios, Fruit Loops or Fiber One?
None, I'm gluten free brah!

Who has the worst flatulence on the World Cup circuit?
Hmm well I'd like to think that I hold it down pretty good but there's been a few people to step up. Sam Blenkinsop is pretty pro. Even my boy John Reynolds has solid game sometimes... Have you ever heard of the yogurt fart?

If you could have one do-over in life, what would it be?
No do-overs for me. I'm aight with just livin and learnin! Wow that could be the title to a pretty awesome country song... Livin and learnin. You heard it here first.

I just talked to Trek contract and got your contract tweaked for 2012. You are now required to watch one complete season of Jersey Shore or Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in one sitting. Which show would you choose and why?
Jersey Shore, for some reason you get stuck watching that stupid show when it's on. I'm getting frustrated just thinking about it but it's true. I hate it! And I've never seen any of those other shows.

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