Fast Five with Mike Haderer 7

From car-hucking grom to grown-up, Sprinter-driving, hair-farming personality, Mike Haderer is a staple on the U.S. mountain bike race circuit. Learn about his clothing choice, his Sprinter van and his future plans in this Fast Five.
Haderer at Interbike.
What's with your wardrobe?
I'm not sure what you mean? lol. If it's the funny/joke t-shirts that I have, all of those have been bought for me by friends over the years. I guess they figure that they only know one person who would actually wear something like that in public so it ends up being me. The American Flag-inspired stuff started when I first starting racing the World Champs back in 2006. I really liked that it was more based on country than team gear. I also just started unofficially riding for this clothing company out of San Fran that has some AWESOME casual/night out clothes - Check out the Disco Gear! Crankworx outfits were kind of a big joke to remind myself and everyone why we all ride bikes in the first have FUN!

Back in the Sand Hill Ranch days, who hucked the car jump more? You or Condrashoff?
That's another tough one. I would have to say that Condro might have jumped it a few more times than me, but I definitely threw more no footers and no handers off of it. For the record too, a few years later I went back and 360'd over it just for good measure.
Haderer hucking heavily. Sandhill Ranch, 2003...the first time we met.
What's the best part about your Sprinter van?
Right now it's the questionable things that my friends write on the dirty windows. But honestly for next year I am working with a Solar Energy company (Solar Sense PV) who is outfitting the van with its own stand alone system to power tv's, stereo, compressors, and maybe even some blenders ;-). Its also nice being able to lock everything up inside and still be able to park it on most streets. 20+ mpg and plenty of room for Steve to hang out inside while driving. Honestly it's just awesome in every way!

If you had one do-over in life, what would it be?
I'm not a big believer in do-overs. I figure that even if you're completely disappointed in something that happens or something you've done, then you have no choice but to learn from it whether it was your fault or responsibility in the first place. The only thing I might say I wish I could have done differently is to maybe have been introduced to biking, and 2 wheel'd sports in general, a few year earlier. Nowadays starting a bike career and racing downhill at 17 is WAAAAY behind the curve.

What races are you planning on attending in 2012?
I have a pretty healthy schedule going for 2012. I have been approached by a new team which is going to really help out the amount of training time and number of races I can get to next year (look for a press release soon), so I'm pretty excited. On the list so far for sure are Sea Otter, Crankworx Whistler and Colorado, North American World Cups, National Champs, DH1 race here and there, US MTB GP races where I can fit them in, and maybe some NW cups. Also gonna try my hand at some enduro/super D races. Also have some plans to head over to Europe here and there for some bigger events.
      Just wanted to say huge thanks to all the people and companies who have helped me over the years. Corsair Bikes, Atomlab, Shimano, Bell Helmets, Fox Racing Shox, Oakley, Easton Components, Schwalbe Tires, And anyone else I may have forgotten. Thanks again and see you all in 2012

Haderer samples the Zerode a few weeks back...

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