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Every 30 days, we award the Top User Reviewer with a little prize. This month Jenson USA pitched in a $100 gift card! Vital MTB member awol12 earned the Top Reviewer spot with several thorough reviews. Here are some of the highlights:

Fly Racing Freestone Helmet - "First impression was right on on. The helmet has lots of vents (19) and is super light. The dial system retention and adjustable chin strap offer lots of adjustability. I chose the Hi-Viz Blue in a size med/large. While I am not sure about the other colorway's finish, the Hi-Viz blue is more matte than glossy, which I personally really like.

Out of the box the fit was good. Didn't have to do any adjustment with the chin straps, but they were tight under my chin the way I like it. Using the dial to get the helmet snug seemed to take a lot of, 19 clicks to get it feeling good. I chose my helmet size based on Fly's fitting chart, but you might want to go down a size. For reference I wear a fitted hat of 7 3/8 and my head circumference is 23", which puts me right at the start of large.

One complaint on the fit of the helmet is the related to the dial. As you dial in you start to get a bit of "float", the helmet lifts a bit as you tighten it up. Almost every time I ride I find my self dial in and then pull the helmet down and then dialing a couple of more clicks to get it just right. Now a huge issues, but definitely not perfect.

On the trail the helmet feels great! The vents keep your head super cool and I haven't gotten the sweat dripping down my face like I have with other helmets. The overall lightness also transfers well while riding, the helmet really has a "not really there" feeling to me. One surprise was that the helmet really says put while riding. I was worried with the floating when dial in that on the trail the helmet would slide up and move around, but it no such issue yet..." - Read more

Race Face Charge Leg Guards - "Just being from Race Face you know these are going to be spot on, does Race Face make anything bad? That said though, these are feeling good knee guards/cover and do a great job of adding a little bit of extra protection, but no over doing it.

If you ride XC, aggressive XC (is that just being mad that you don't have a more gravity focused trail) or trail riding the Charge guards will treat you well. Great cover and fit. The Charge, when fitted right, fits mid thigh and down to your upper shin. They don't give entire leg coverage, but do cover a good amount of meat. The elastic bands at the thigh and shin fit tight, but not too tight. In the 10 or so rides I have worn them on I have had little to no slippage on either leg and no uncomfortable over tightness from the elastic bands.

Make it known these are not DH guards in anyway (unless you never crash). However these do, do a great job of protecting your legs from getting scratched up on the trail or scraped from smaller wrecks. The Charge are not really padded so really hard impacts will not be absorbed by these..." - Read more

Sensus Swayze Lock-On Grips - "The Swayze grips are designed by Sensus, but use rubber and lock-on rings from ODI. Working with ODI is great since they have an established and trusted design. However, using ODI is also a bit of a negative for me. I personally have never liked ODI's use of a very small lock-on bolts. I always feel like I am going to strip them out when tightening up.

I have been using these grips for just over a month and I am overall impressed with them. The Swayze's have a good feel. The wavy style design grips well and has a good fell. When you are just holding on they are softer and absorb shock well, but when you really grip tight the rubber bends easily and gives good bar feel and control.

The Swayze's are the longest grip I have even ridden, which is good and bad. Good because you have more side to side positioning than average. Bad because the grips take more real estate on your bars which means brakes, shifters, etc are all gonna have to move a bit..." - Read more

Big congrats to awol12! Thanks for helping out the riding scene with your thoughts on this product.

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