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Every 30 days we award the Top User Reviewer with a little prize. This month Jenson USA pitched in a $100 gift card! Vital MTB member NMK183 wrote over a dozen great reviews, earning the Top Reviewer spot. Here's a recap of his best:


Spank Oozy Trail295 Bead Bite Wheels - "A wheelset for less than $600 that weighs in around 1750g, and can be ridden down full-on DH tracks? What's the catch? Well, as it turns out, not too much, at least considering the price. They are stiff, light, and the rims are extremely durable. After 1000 kms and several enduro races and bike park days, both wheels have stayed true. I did manage to dent the rear wheel, but after dropping 8 feet to flat onto a hidden rock, I'm surprised the whole wheel didn't explode. The "Oobah" profile and bead bite both actually work, creating a light and stiff rim that goes tubeless easily and can handle low pressure without burping air. The catch we were talking about? The rear hub is very average. The engagement is pretty ho-hum, and the drive ring pressed into the hub body started to spin after about 6 months of riding, effectively ending the life of the hub. On the bright side, the pawls were still in good shape and no other damage was found when I took the hub apart. This could have been a rare fault, but I never felt like the hubs were as high of quality as the rims. However, for less than $600 you can't go wrong with these wheels if you are looking for a tangible upgrade without breaking the bank." - Read more»


iXS Flow Knee Pads - "These were my 4th set of knee pads in the last 6 or so years and every time I always had the same complaints: Knee pads are uncomfortable to pedal in, they slip down my leg if I ignore the pinching while pedaling, and when I do fall on them, they slide around and my knees get bashed up anyway. Enter the IXS Flow knee pads. Not only do they address all of my previous complaints regarding knee pads, but they also stay cool on hot days, are super comfortable to wear ( I often forget they are on) and they do a formidable job of protecting my knee when I do fall. I was worried about only having one strap, especially during falls, but for whatever reason, maybe the silicon band on the inside, they stay in place. I was also worried that the silicon band would pull my leg hair, but I've never worn a set of pads that have been this comfortable before. I guess if I was forced to find a weakness I would admit that if I fell at a 90 degree angle onto my knee, I'm not sure there would be much protection there. However, in my falls that has never happened and my knee has been spared much pain by these pads.

Because they are so comfortable I wear them on nearly every ride I go on, something I never used to do with my old pads. If you are anything like me, you only fall on easy trails you've ridden a hundred times, so having them on when I normally wouldn't has saved my knees at least a half dozen times this season. Oh, and they don't funk up much and wash and dry very well." - Read more»


Five Ten Impact VXi Shoe - "I don't know what to say about these shoes... I love them. I hate them. For $150 I would expect a shoe to last at least 2 seasons. I have had two pairs of these shoes (one was a warranty replacement) and neither lasted more than 3 months of use. I want to give these a 5-star rating because until the sole starts to come off in chunks they are perfect. They grip like no other, they are stiff enough that your foot doesn't get tired and sore after prolonged downhills, they are light, and they do a decent job of staying dry and not holding water overnight like the old ones did. The problem is the durability. I have an old pair of Freeriders that I use now because their sole is intact. The 4-month-old Impact VXi's look significantly worse than the 4-year old Freeriders. There is really no excuse, but at the same time there is no other shoe that is as good for flats..." - Read more»

Big congrats to NMK183! Thanks for helping out the riding scene with your thoughts on these products.

Want to be in the running for next month's award? Start reviewing the parts you use in the Vital MTB Product Guide and keep an eye on the Top Reviewer leaderboard. We'll announce the next winner in early December.

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