Digital Shock Pump, Sensus Grips and More! Vital Gear Club Box #11 0

Summer is almost over, but that doesn’t mean schralping the trail comes to an end. If anything, your technique is on point after months of laps and miles of trails. Vital Gear Club will keep the momentum rolling right into autumn with products that will improve your ride and help keep your bike rolling strong.

Custom Vital MTB Digital Shock Pump ​– A precision pump for precision suspension performance. It’s one of those things you probably wanted to splurge on but never did. Vital’s digital shock pump will help you find the perfect suspension spring rate so you can avoid those harsh, saggy bottom-outs without the brutal stiffness of a World Cup downhiller.


Sensus Koozie / Bike Protector ​–​ ​Leave it to the crew at Sensus to break technology barriers with a multi-use super product. The Sensus Koozie / Bike Protector can actually do everything in its name; be a beverage koozie AND protect your frame! The future of tomorrow, today! ​Seriously, get stoked on this fun piece of sold-out Sensus gear!

Sensus Lite Grips ​– Comfy, cozy, only 1.6 ounces each, and you can’t go wrong with black! The Sensus Lite grips are cushy, svelte and ready for action on your favorite steed.

Maxxis Shop Levers (2x) ​– According to our recent audience survey, Vital readers choose Maxxis MTB tires over any other brand. To get that roost-throwing rubber on and off rims safely, the Maxxis shop levers are the perfect burly, non-metal choice for popping those beads, regardless of tire choice.

Kate’s Real Food Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Bar ​–​ ​Organic, gluten-free, non-GMO and kosher - you’re going to sprint around the block as an excuse to refuel with this tasty energy bar.

Nuun hydration Elite Hydration Drink Mix & Sport Tablet ​– Water is great and all, but a flavorful effervescent, electrolyte-filled swing of H​20​ is the best. Mixed Berry will brighten any heat-filled ride, and Strawberry Lemonade is the perfect end-of-summer essence.

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