Pro GRT Windrock DH Action - Crushing Coal Country 8

The tires hit the dirt at the Pro GRT in Windrock, Tennessee, and riders just can't get enough. #USDH

The morning of the first DH practice session of the 2017 Pro GRT greeted riders with blue skies and sunshine. You could almost hear the Allman Brothers' "Blue Sky" drifting through the tress. Eager faces were shining through helmets, and bikes were gleaming, ready to be tarnished with coal-mined, history-laden dirt from an exciting track.

- Photos, story and interviews by Zach Faulkner

Clay Harper and Neko Mulally catch up on the day's events.

Audio - Clayton Harper

The pace was high right from the start, and stayed pinned all day with riders only getting faster. Lines were sorted, blue grooves established. The day finished with resounding exultations of stoked, everyone agreeing that the track was one for the ages. As the sun set, clouds were lingering which showered heavy rain in the late hours of the night. As competitors went to sleep that night, the fast, dry, fun course was now in an uncertain state for seeding on Friday. Soak in the sun of DH practice and stay tuned for a weekend of great downhill racing in the U.S.

Easy to see for both his style and kit, Luca Cometti looked relaxed and loose on track.

Walker Shaw was tearing it up all day in practice, literally.

Greg Williamson was looking super quick and planted today, staying fast and low everywhere. He had a bunch of Tic-Tacs zip-tied to his frame with some shoelaces running the length of his bike for some reason.

Super smiley snuggly shuttle shaka.

The top traverses quickly and gets steep and windy. There are inside and outside lines in every corner to suit all riding styles; Kiran MacKinnon opting for The Inside Line, not including podcast.

Gerrin Shackle is out here wrenching for Kiran MacKinnon and Shaun Bell.

Kiran MacKinnon has a line (shown here), that no one else was quite able to sort out. Tidy and quick!

Audio - Gerrin Shackle

The handlebar mustache of Brendan Looby took control here and helped save a wild moment.

Audio - Brendan Looby

Caroline Washam is fast, and you should remember who she is.

Course sweeping this weekend for the race, Logan Mulally was riding tidy with the #69, chasing Neko on many occasions. Wine 'em, dine 'em.

Josh Rogers was in a different shape every time he rode by, contorted with speed.

Audio - Sean Bell

Junior train with Nik Nesteroff leading out Steven Walton.

Audio - Triple Heckling Crew

Audio - Kiran MacKinnon

Jimmy Leslie might be sitting out after a solid stack in practice. His shoe literally ripped off, it was a doozy. He rode to the bottom, but we'll see if he'll be able to ride in Seeding.

Audio - Jimmy Leslie

2016 Pro GRT Pro Men's Champion, Shane Leslie, was taking his time looking for sneaky lines and getting up to speed quickly.

Charles Frydendal gettin' his twerk on.

Guess who.

Frida Ronning was riding confidently and with poise today.

Hair showing the speed, Samantha Kingshill was making simple work of the rough bits on track.

Noticably faster than the rest, the time Neko Mulally has spent on this track and training this winter is really showing here at Windrock.

Mauricio Estrada was one of the fastest through this super gnarly rock garden.

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​ONE LAP with Nik Nestoroff

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