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For every great invention, there are least 178 crazy people trying to turn their wild ideas into undeserving success stories. Well, as the old saying goes, if at first you don't succeed, you can always ask for money on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Check out these bike-related ideas that may be genius or that may just be someone's online panhandling scheme.

RAHT RACER - The World's First Highway Speed Bike

We wouldn't kick this thing out of bed for eating crackers because it looks super fun and possibly practical, but we lost faith when the founder of Rollerblades hit the screen.

Xtreme Fat Bikes' E-Grizzly

We're aware that 80's fashion with those "tall butt" jeans is all the rage these days, but we're not sure it's time to bring back "Xtreme" just yet.

Sondors Cheap Electric Fat Bike

Buy cheap, buy twice, right? Tell that to the 7113 backers who funded total of $3.8 million (YES, million)  towards a sub-$700 fat bike with an electric motor. Forget an Interbike tradeshow booth, just spam out your Chinese catalog fat bike with a battery and flashy paint job on Indiegogo. #dollardollarbillyall

Nameless Self-Adhesive Bike Reflector Tape

Doesn't this already exist? A $50k ask and no backers yet. Wonder why?



Slightly frightening, mostly intriguing. FlipCrown could have potential for those in tight spaces.

Chop-E: probably the coolest electric bike ever built

If we're going to give you money towards your $100k ask, we want to know that this IS the coolest bike, not "probably" the coolest bike. Design the thing to look like a cafe racer and you'll reach your funding goal in 19-minutes. Choppers are so 2003.


Seriously, why waste time being boring? $100k goal achieved and surpassed. Cleverly compact and portable, but we think it should really be dubbed the YikesBike with mandatory Jofa included.

The Cycliq Camera and Light in One

The people have spoken. A $245k ask yields $620k (AUD). The addition of the alarm is pretty snazzy, too.

Save the Riverdale Bike Park

Already funded and a great use of Kickstarter by helping people have a quality place to ride.

Disc Tab Attachment/Jig for Frame Builders

Anything that has to do with making the bike yourself is cool by us.


Rapido Pro Pump Head

We're intrigued...

Long-live the innovators and innovations that make a difference!

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