Crank Brothers Updates Wheels and Pedals, Shows Off New Floor Pumps 0

Crank Brothers had plenty of new and updated goods to see at Eurobike! Here's what stood out.

Crank Brothers Opium 3 DH Wheels

For 2018 the Crank Brothers Opium 3 DH wheelset is lighter, stronger and stiffer. They’ve redesigned it to have a 28mm internal width for tires 2.3-2.6 inches wide. Crank Brothers have made big effort to lighten the hub thanks to significant weight modifications through material reductions in key areas like bearings, end caps, hub shells, the freehub and axles. The wheelset comes in 27.5 and 29 inch diameters and weighs 2075g and 2175g respectively. Price is only $750 for the set.

Crank Brothers Candy Pedal Updates

As cross country shoes get a bit wider, Crank Brothers has recognized the need for a slightly larger platform on their Candy pedals. The new body size and shape works better with the new breed of XC shoes. You’ll note additional traction ribs and a diamond pattern on the pedal to give you some purchase while out of the clips. Similar to the traction pad technology featured on the new Mallet DH pedals, the Candy pedals have a snap-on version for the Candy 3 and Candy 2 models, allowing you to customize the shoe/pedal interface. Crank Brothers backs the pedals with a 5-year warranty and they’re available in multiple colors.

Crank Brothers Klic Floor Pumps

Recognizing the need for a feature-packed floor pump in their lineup, Crank Brothers has developed the new Klic series. The pumps are highlighted by a removable gauge, either digital or analog, that can be used as a standalone pressure gauge, hooked up the to pump or hooked up to the detachable air burst tank for tubeless seating needs.

When in the handle, the gauge helps lock the handle in place. The modular design is very easy to use thanks to magnetic connections at all important contact points. The gauges are rated to +/- 0.5 psi accuracy. The removable burst tank has a pressure rating of 160psi which is said to be able to set two tires without the need for refilling.

The Klic is available in both analog and digital versions from $99 to $229 depending on configuration and gauge selection.

Crank Brothers Sterling and Gem Floor Pumps

Also new to the floor pump line are the more affordable Sterling and Gem floor pumps which slot in at $69.99 and $49.99 USD respectively. Each of the pumps features a foot-activated high pressure/high volume switch which allows you to switch between modes depending on your needs at the time of pumping. Both pumps feature analog gauges. will get you all the information you need on these products and more.


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