​USA vs. Australia, Intense vs. Intense. These two beauties are ready to rip the 2016 UCI World Champs in Val di Sole, but before they get dirty, you have to vote on your favorite in our poll below.

Photos and bike stats by Dan Hearn

Shared Bike Details and Spec

  • Production Intense M16c frames with custom paint for World Champs
  • 8.5 inch travel option on both
  • Crankbrothers Mallet DH pedals (different engraving, special for World Champs)
  • 780mm Renthal bars
  • Shaman Racing chainguides (will be tested without bottom roller for racing)
  • 36T chainrings

Bike Details and Spec Differences

Jack Moir - XL Frame, Australia Paint

  • High front end, prefers to ride with weight rearward.
  • 40mm rise bars
  • 10mm Ti-Springs spacer under stem
  • Dropcrown on BoXXer with coil spring
  • Avid Code brakes
  • Softest compound Renthal grips (lock-on)
  • 10mm rise Renthal direct mount stem
  • Straight seat post
  • Runs saddle high, prefers to grip saddle with legs.
  • 450lb shock spring
  • Roughly middle setting for rebound - not particularly fast or slow
  • Stiff fork for his weight
  • Offset bushing both ends of shock for slacker head angle and lower BB
  • No matchmaker clamp for shifter - prefers to run brakes inboard and shifter close to grip which is not possible with matchmaker
  • ’Shark Attack’ on pedals and shark on frame because Jack was bitten by a shark in 2007, needing 500 stitches.

Nik Nestoroff - Medium Frame, USA Paint

  • 30mm rise bars
  • No spacer under stem
  • Flat 50mm Renthal direct mount stem
  • SRAM Guide RSC levers with Code calipers
  • Renthal kevlar compound grips (lock-on)
  • 350lb spring
  • Setback seat post to move saddle rearwards

We know this is tough, but vote for your favorite bike!

Vital MTB Poll

Bike vs Bike - World Champs Edition - Intense M16's

Good luck to both Jack and Nik this weekend and props to Intense for creating some dialed bikes!

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