Bike vs. Bike - Giant Glory Advanced - Eliot Jackson vs. Marcelo Gutierrez 1

These two Giant Factory Off-Road pinners may have the same bike, but the devil's in the details. Vote for your favorite.

Bike vs. Bike - Giant Glory Advanced - Eliot Jackson vs. Marcelo Gutierrez

The Giant Factory Off-road squad welcomed two new DHers to the team in 2017. Jacob Dickson and Eliot Jackson joined Marcelo Gutierrez to blitz the World Cup downhill series on some big, blue Giant Glory Advanced bikes. Marcelo and Eliot are in New Zealand prepping for the season, so it was the perfect time to compare bikes of the new guy and the established team member.

Marcelo's had the Giant Glory under him since 2013. Eliot's only recently thrown a leg over the bike. Marcelo's known for his all-out power and strength. Eliot's known for his smooth, and effortless style and speed. Investiage the similarities and differences between set-ups of the two Giant Factory Off-Road riders and vote for your favorite in our poll below.

- photos and bike stats by @maddogboris

Marcelo Gutierrez's Giant Glory Advanced

Eliot Jackson's Giant Glory Advanced

Shared Bike Details and Spec

  • Production Giant Glory Advanced frames
  • Bike Details and Spec Differences
  • Coil sprung suspension front and rear
  • Overall build spec nearly identical, aside from hubs
  • 800mm wide Truvativ Descendant bars
  • HT Components X2 clipless pedals

Eliot Jackson's Giant Glory Advanced

  • Higher front-end, running a single spacer under the top crown - Eliot chalks this up to riding pretty far over the front due to his moto background
  • Running SRAM's MatchMaker, with the shifter placed further from the grip
  • Stiffer fork and softer shock (325lbs spring) - again due to riding over the front-end of his bike
  • ODI Elite Series Pro grips
  • Bars appear to be rolled further back than Marcelo's
  • Runs quite a bit more seat post than Marcelo
  • Tire pressures: 23-24 PSI front / 26-28 PSI rear
  • Tried Schwalbe ProCore? No

Marcelo Gutierrez Giant Glory Advanced

  • Slammed front-end
  • Modified shifter lever with shaved paddle and grooves for grip, running a separate clamp to bring the shifter in closer to the grip
  • 34-tooth chainring
  • ODI Lock-On Longneck grips
  • Runs a heavier spring (350lbs) than Eliot - this doesn't necessarily mean his setup is stiffer than Eliot's due to variances in body weight, and Marcelo said he prefers an overall pretty soft setup
  • Saddle height is visibly lower than Eliot's
  • Tire pressures: 24 PSI front / 27 PSI rear
  • Tried Schwalbe ProCore? Yes

Glory vs. Glory - Marcelo's on the Left / Top, Eliot's on the Right / Bottom

Marcelo's wearing shoes, Eliot's wearing slip...err...never mind, he's wearing shoes, too.

So which will it be, Marcelo's Glory or Eliot's Glory? Vote for your favorite bike!

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Bike vs Bike - Giant Factory Off-Road DH

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