Bike of the Month: Ivan's Specialized Demo

Who never dreamed of putting together the absolutely sickest build imaginable, no holds barred and money be damned? Well, that's just what Ivan did when he asked Brink in the UK to help him build his dream bike. The result of many sleepless nights agonizing over the perfect component selection, his Specialized Demo is so sick it would almost be a shame to get it dirty. Almost.

Age: 42

Where do you live? Bedfordshire, UK

Favorite local trail to ride? My local is Chicksands Bike Park. It's a great place to ride but this bike is a bit overkill for the type of trails there. Although there is still plenty of fun to be had.

Tell us about how and why you ended up picking the Demo 8? I’ve always been a fan of Specialized and have owned many in the past. But, the bike this one replaced was a carbon YT Tues. Typically the frame was away for a warranty issue, when I finally got the frame back I took it to compare with the Demo side by side at BRINK my local bike shop. Looking at them both in this way, at the details and difference in quality of design and manufacture, the Demo was in a different league altogether. That’s what made my mind up.

How did you go about selecting parts for the build? I’ve always wanted to do a dream build. With this bike and the support from my local shop I finally decided to do it, no expense spared. I’ve been riding bikes a long time and have learnt what I like and don't like. For me and what I like to ride, every part on this build I consider to be the best you can get. Also I like shiny stuff so that played a part in the decisions too.

What are you most stoked about on the bike? The Ohlins shock is incredible. I’ve also had an Ohlins damper installed in the 40’s since these pictures were taken.

What are you LEAST stoked about? The LG1R Chain guide wasn’t great I replaced it with a carbon MRP SXG which is much better, and no friction either.

Is this your only bike? No, Ive just built a Diamondback Mission 4x Dreamliner. Its a bit more suitable for my local trails.

What bike did this replace / What bike were you on before this? A YT Tues.

How long do you plan on riding this bike? I'll be keeping this one for quite a while. It was a big investment and I cant see anything on it being outdated any time soon.

If you could get another new bike (any kind/type) right now, what would you get? I’m looking at building up a Yeti SB6 next. Just waiting for those 650b forks from Ohlins!

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  • Colin McCarthy

    3/17/2017 3:44 PM

    Sik whip. Why 2-cross spoke lacing not 3-cross?

  • Bigburd

    3/16/2017 12:10 PM

    Stunning bike, but I find the ENVE logos a little too over powering, would look better in my eyes if the ENVE logo was just a pinstripe outline.
    Other than that pretty close to perfection.

  • JayDawger

    3/16/2017 3:26 PM



    3/18/2017 2:03 PM

    Good call. The decals in the photos got trashed after a tyre change! If you've ever had the pleasure of swapping out a Schwalbe tyre on an Enve rim you'll know what we mean. They were replaced with pinstripe ones

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