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Summer all but forgotten, and Xmas still a month away, what do you do? Silly question, you ride your bike of course! Even though November is a bit of an in-between month in the bike industry, there's been plenty of news and action to keep us entertained, but going by the evidence, you've all been out there rocking your rides like there was no tomorrow anyway. Well, put those wet shoes by the fireplace, pour yourself a warming beverage, and settle down for a few minutes to check out what you might have missed over the last 30 days - best of Vital is here with another can of concentrate of all things mountain biking, and then some. Enjoy!


Vital RAW - Specialized Enduro Shredding with Mitch Ropelato and Curtis Robinson

We're not sure if we feel more sorry for the rocks or the bikes in this video. South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona, was the perfect, boulder-filled setting for Mitch Ropelato and Curtis Robinson to abuse their Specialized Enduros for this Vital RAW.

Next time maybe look for an actual trail in that boulder field boys???

First Look: 2015 Five Ten Kestrel and Freerider Contact Shoes

Year after year Five Ten continues to refine their lineup, making strides in durability, weight, and performance. 2015 is no exception. Here's a look at two shoes set to come down the pipeline soon. Be sure to also keep an eye out for a new Women's Freerider tailor fit for the ladies of the shred, as well as the all-new Sleuth designed to rip it and kick it.

Even those of us who don't ride clips want Kestrels now!

Tested: Hope Technology Tech 3 E4 Brakes

Slightly more streamlined but still offering 4-piston power and Hope's distinctive design, the Tech 3 E4 is the latest brake to come out of Hope Mill in Barnoldswick, UK. With years of refinement to arrive at this latest incarnation, this versatile stopper has a lot to offer any gravity rider. Check our review if you missed it!

Plenty of brains to go with these beauties.

Vital RAW - Lacondeguys & Vink in La Molina

More cowbell - and more RAW! You can never have enough of either. Good thing then that it's not just about hucking cliffs and massive gaps for the Lacondeguys and Nico Vink. High speeds and big roost, coming your way.

Don't try this at home kids. It works much better when you try it in a bike park!

Tested: 2015 BOS Dizzy Fork

With a solid reputation in the gravity racing scene, BOS is now looking to bring their experience and know how to the cross country scene. The new Dizzy fork was designed to "combine the plushest, most controlled travel available with superior pedaling prowess for the ultimate XC race fork." Not ones to be impressed with mere words, we spent the better part of two months pounding out miles in the mountains of British Columbia and Arizona to see if it's up to the task. Find out how it did in our review.

Boss goods from BOS.

Forum Fun: Silly Season is Getting Sillier By the Minute

We've had a few official announcements since we first started trying to untangle the unholy mess left for us by Team Rumours. Hart and Ragot have gone to Mondraker, Cam Cole has left international racing but picked up a ride with Giant NZ, and Sam Blenkinsop has gone to Norco. But where does this leave all those still looking for a 2015 ride, and those without a confirmed roster at preset?Speculation is rife in the forum!

It's dawned on us that maybe those lines don't connect ON PURPOSE...?

First Look: All-New 2015 Ibis Mojo HD3

The Ibis Mojo HD is back for 2015, and it's their most refined bike to date. Now in its third generation, the Mojo HD is designed to be the fabled do-it-all mountain bike. It's longer, slacker, lower, and even sports the newest version of dw-link suspension. If you missed it first time around, you can find out what else makes it special and how it rides in our extensive First Look feature.

Tell Austin Powers we now know who took his Mojo.

What's in the Bag? - Ty's Hathaway's ACRE Hauser 14L

Ty Hathaway was the fastest American at the 2014 Trans Provence. Surviving the race alone takes consistency, skill and planning. Kelli (who became Ty's wife just after Trans Provence) asks Ty how he prepared and packed for the 6-day adventure through the south of France. Apparently, Kelli knows Ty pretty well...

Who better to do a bag check than your wife? Even the dirty laundry won't scare her...

First Look: 2015 Mondraker Summum Carbon Pro

With their brand new carbon DH bike weighing in at less than 33-lbs, and a new race team led by Danny Hart to pilot it in the World Cup, Mondraker had plenty to be excited about when they launched the new Summum Carbon. If you missed it on the big day, check out our in-depth first look feature and you might well be too!

This Mondraker is definitely more than just the Summum of its parts.

Bike Checks

Pretty incredible for a DIY project, and well worthy of recognition - it was an easy choice for Bike of the Day on November 22! All the Bike Checks can be found HERE, and if you didn't share your bike yet - add it HERE.

There's DIY and then there's DIY. This is definitely the latter.

RACE REPORT - 2014 Asia Pacific Downhill Challenge DH Finals

Yeah there was racing in November. Apart from being held in a jungle, the Asia Pacific Downhill Challenge in Bali has the additional advantage of offering hot beaches, surf, and local ...erm... speciality beverages. So it comes as no surprise that a few big names show up each year to hone their ...erm... bike skills.

Dylan Dunkerton a long way from the Sunshine Coast. Which is kinda ironic...

Vital MTB Gram Central, November 13, 2014

Yeah it's hard to keep up with it all, we should know! Well fortunately for you, Vital MTB puts together the best bike-related Instagram content in one place so you don't have to go blind scrolling endlessly for what's worth viewing. Welcome to Vital MTB's Gram Central - don't say we haven't got your back.

So this is like the best of the best of the best, then?

Quarter Pipe Barspin

A picture should tell a story, and Chris Pilling's shot of Will McGarvey steezing it out at the local park definitely takes you there. We were stoked to make it our Daily Shot on November 6! If you want your shots to be considered too, upload them HERE.

Loving the sub-plots, too...

Around the Web

Totally awesome stuff we found on the internet...

Polaris RZR Meets Massive North-Shore Ladders, Doubles, Wall Rides, Huck to Flat, and Road Gap

Watch and your mind will be blown as this Polaris RZR suited for a Batman car chase takes on a course resembling what you find in your favorite bike park.

We can't wait for part 2!

So Are Clips Really More Efficient Than Flats? Science Attempts To Find the Answer

We all know flats are radder than clips (cough Sam Hill cough), and we all know clips give more control than flats in the gnar. But what about the efficiency thing? What is REALLY the difference when it comes to power output and energy consumption? Check inside to see!

With Five Tens, the WATT-O-METER would have become the WHAT-O-METER.

Robbie Maddison Drops a 18.5-Story Building

Just when you thought Robbie "Maddo" Maddison had done it all, he decides to hit up the Olympic Park in Park City, Utah on his MX bike. And as if riding the bobsleigh track wasn't enough, he takes on the ski jump. Wild!

We often wish we could ride like these guys. Often, but not always...

What's Faster? Baggy Shorts or Spandex?

The flat pedal brigade scored one a few posts up, but the spandex crew came right out swinging to try and get back on even terms. Technically, it's 1-1, but in real life, you won't see us headed to the Lycra store...

Funny how most cool things don't seem to come out of windtunnels.

Base Jumping, Bikes, Boobs, Slayer, and the Moab Beat Down

How to win the internet with the Camp4 Collective, Tyson Swasey and Joey Schusler. More of this in mountain biking, please!

We always knew we were missing a "B" somewhere...

In the Woods 3 with Amir Kabbani

We're huge fans of the series, and now Amir Kabbani and peoplegrapher are back with the third part of their epic mountain bike trilogy - In the Woods. With this last episode, director Lukas Tielke captures Amir´s unique style and recaps his way back to his passion after a hard back injury at the beginning of 2014.

Art in motion, motion in art.

The Biggest Lyttel Race - Lyttelton Urban DH

For the third consecutive year, Lyttelton NZ put on a great show as the country's best mountain bikers took to the streets to duke it out for the Urban DH title. Not to be outdone by Taxco, the course goes through a house here in Lyttelton too.

The Lyttel town that could.

Most Intense Downhill Run Ever? Dan Atherton on Hardline

This is what happens when you give Dan Atherton his own mountain to build on. Fast, technical and featuring huge jumps - is this the most intense downhill run ever created?

That ripping sound you heard was the sound of next year's World Cup course designers tearing up their plans and starting over.

Meet Alexander Belevskiy, One of the Most Talented Riders You've Never Heard Of

Hailing from Russia, Alexander Belevskiy is an absolute animal on a bike. Smooth lines, big moves, incredible control, and impeccable style highlight his riding.

Meanwhile, back in Russia...

A Tonka Trophy Truck Makes the Best Shuttle Vehicle

Diamondback rider Eric Porter gets a mobbing fast shuttle from Tonka trophy truck driver Todd Romano to the top of a Utah desert trail only to bomb back down on his DB8 downhill rig. Sounds like an epic afternoon.

Once you go Trophy Truck, you can't go back.

The Final Shred - Chris Johnston's Last Ride

After a bad elbow injury at the Chile EWS early this year and almost a full season of recovery, Chris Johnston's elbow did not regain full range of motion. Chris had to go back in for additional surgery recently, but before he had to give up the bike for a while he went out and self-filmed his last ride.

Here's to a quick recovery buddy!

SO FAST! Blasting Fall Lines with Tom van Steenbergen

Following a huge crash during a 73-foot frontflip attempt at Red Bull Rampage, Tom van Steenbergen has been spending his time in Kelowna, British Columbia healing up. Judging by his flat out speed and incredible style, we'd say Tom is 100% back in action. Makes you want to grab your bike and find some tacky dirt, doesn't it?

The Shred is strong in this one.

Best of Vital will return next month!

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