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Well, summer rolled around faster than you can say SPF30, but if we thought we were in for a holiday we were sorely mistaken. The World Cup took a month off but the Enduro World Series filled the gap with epic racing on two continents, and there were enough new bike and product launches to put Eurobike to shame. If you spent the last month working on your tan instead of keeping up with the news, fear not - Vital never sleeps and we've compiled a packed Best Of issue for you to catch up on all the action. So pour yourself another cocktail, top up the sunscreen, let your hair down and get stuck in. Yay bikes!

We Rode the FOX Pros' Bikes, Prototypes and All

What's it like to ride a World Cup race winning downhill bike from an average Joe's perspective? We rode Gee Atherton, Brook Macdonald, Josh Bryceland and Sam Dale's bikes to find out. The results may surprise you...

Who's the Stiffmeister?

Enduro World Series Race Action - La Thuile, Italy

4 different Enduro World Series races and 4 different winners. La Thuile, Italy did not disappoint! The raw and rugged action was beautifully captured by Sven Martin and Lee Trumpore, and it's waiting for you right here in this slideshow.

Chile, Scotland, France, and now Italy - they don't call it a World Series for nothing!

The Value DH Project

No matter how much it seems like the industry may want us to, the fact of the matter is that not everyone can drop their life savings on a bike. That's why we're building the best value DH bike money can buy, and we enlisted your help to do it! With your votes we've picked out the components that will grace this shred sled, and we're getting close to showing you the finished goods. Catch up on the project and get ready for the final chapter, dropping soon.


First Look: 2015 Scott Gambler and Voltage FR

How do you improve the already incredible Scott Gambler downhill bike? Oh, and the Voltage too? We spent a few days in France and Switzerland riding steep, muddy downhill trails and eating cheese while Scott filled us in on the details, which we've captured for you in this slideshow.

Big bikes for big boys. #shredders

New Specialized Demo, Enduro, and Shoes

It was a big month for the big-S, with no news bigger than the release of their new Demo downhill bike. Moving away from the double-stayed design that has characterized the Demo since it was first launched, it nevertheless continues the trend-bucking path with a unique, one-sided seat tube and a distinctive suspension platform design. Amongst a lot of spy-shot hype, the bike was finally unveiled at the end of July to much fanfare.

Race ready and rad - the 2015 Specialized Demo.

A year after committing their bigger-wheel strategy to the exclusive realm of the 29er, Specialized has given in to the 650b trend and made the mid-size it's new smallest wheel. The Enduro is the latest platform to move to the new wheelsize,and we can't say we see a lot wrong with that.


Finally, after years of development and testing, Specialized is pleased to introduce their Foot Out, Flat Out (2FO) shoe collection. They're available in flats and clips. Learn all about the new kicks below.

Looking to rock the shoe boat!

G-out Project - Super Squish Alert!

What's the point of all that suspension if you're not gonna use it? The racers at Crankworx Les Deux Alpes did their very best to punish their rigs, but inevitably, they all bounced back for more. Bounce, geddit?

The Giant Lowrider - photo by Lee Trumpore.

First Look: 2015 Yeti SB5c with Switch Infinity Technology

It's not every day somebody launches a brand new suspension concept, but trust Yeti to be the ones involved more often than not when it does happen. For the latest generation of their "Superbike", the team from Golden, CO have come up with whole new take on their classic rail systems, dubbed "Switch Infinity" - which earned Jared Graves an EWS win in its maiden outing, no less. Our launch feature covered the new suspension tech and everything else you want to know about these sexy new rides, so dive right in!

No, you're not seeing double.

Quizzed: Brian Lopes vs Jeff Steber

When two legends take the trivia challenge of Vital MTB's Quizzed, you know comedy is in the cards. Intense's Jeff Steber and Brian Lopes square off in a battle of MTB knowledge and general common sense. Who will take the victory? Watch and learn.

Would you know which band The Karver reps on his bike?

Bike Checks

A sick build and a murdered-out theme are sure-fire ways to bring your pride and joy to our attention. The Bike of the Day on July 27 is all that and more! All the Bike Checks can be found HERE, and if you didn't share your bike yet - add it HERE.

Murder in carbon.

Santa Cruz V10 Carbon 650b

The bike that everybody knew was coming finally got here, and although it offered no massive surprises, it's still one refined and sexy beast, and a fast one at that. The Syndicate would go on to race it at MSA with much to start you off, here are a few shots to drool over while you wait for more details.

Not just a trophy bike - photo by Sven Martin.

Enduro World Series Race Action - Trestle Bike Park

The battle at altitude raged as Jared Graves and Anne Caroline Chausson capture hard-earned victories during the 5th stop of the Enduro World Series at the Trestle Bike Park. 7 grueling stages featured a variety of terrain and pitch proving that all-around skill was the key to success. Sven Martin, Dave Trumpore and Lee Trumpore were there capturing the stories and images. Experience the action!

To the US for round 5 we went - World Series, remember?


We love a picture that tells a story, and our Daily Shot on July 8 does just that - portraying the steepness of Llangollen, the misty conditions, and the full-on commitment of Danny Hart in a single snap. If you want your shots to be considered too, upload them HERE.

The Hart Attack captured by Wayne DC.

ONE LAP: Jackson Goldstone, A-Line, Whistler

When they are this good, this young, we can feel good about where the sport is going!

The future is bright, and it's here now.

Around the Web

Totally awesome stuff we found on the internet...

Tour de France Trolling

Italian cyclist Vincenzo Nibali may be the official winner of this year’s Tour de France, but this random guy definitely won the title "Legend" as he trolled the biggest cycling event in the world on his back wheel.

Look Ma, I'm on TV!

Danny MacAskill Has Some Serious Competition - Enter Hammy MacNahskill

The guys at dsab pay tribute to Danny MacAskill the only way possible...with a spoof!


Mountain Bike Pile Up - When Groms Fall from the Sky

The Gravity Groms at Crested Butte had a bit of pile up the other day. Oops.

Nothing a little kids' special healing powers won't put back together in no time!

Oh Snap! No Pun Intended for this Insane Crash

This poor dude's fork broke midair. No lowers, no front wheel = no bueno for landing a bike. Yowch.

Don't you just hate it when your wheel overtakes you in the air while jumping?

Epic, Epic FAIL: Guy Jumps Huge Ramp with No Landing

We're on a roll. Three is most definitely not a charm for this guy though.

We want to say something about helmets, but somehow that seems like a minor detail here.

Open Loop With Aaron Chase

#chaselife takes a beating but comes out victorious on the open loop in Matt McDuff's epic backyard!

If at first you don't succeed, there's always the possibility that it can't be done.

Danny Mac Goes Bunny Hopping at the Playboy Mansion

Danny MacAskill does his best not to get distracted by the scenery at the Playboy Mansion, putting an all-new meaning to the term “Bunny Hop!”

Hop, little bunnies!

Remy Metailler Does Not Only Ride Park

Remy Metailler was hauled, kicking and screaming from the lifts for some trail riding on Gargamel, one of the gnarliest trails around Whistler. Enjoy this raw edit and prepare to get your mind blown!

Do you REALLY need more travel?

Huck Yeah! Hillbilly Huckfest Highlights

Riders loved it, ladies loved it, beards loved it, and you'll love it! Feast your eyes on the hucking madness that went down at the Hillbilly Huckfest. Even the Incredible Hulk in a tux wouldn't be as huge or have as much style. Hucking nuts!

Send it, you huckers.

New Kid on the Block Nicholi Rogatkin is Taking Everyone by Storm

A question heard whispered amongst the crowds of 26TRIX in Leogang earlier this year was "Who the hell IS Nicholi Rogatkin?!" A sponsored BMX rider since the tender age of five, Nicholi is coming into the world of mountain biking like a category 5 hurricane. He wants to be known for going as big as he can everywhere. Find out what fellow riders think of this new kid on the block and meet the man himself.

We STILL don't understand the cashroll.

Big Beards and Massive Mountains - Chatel Bike Festival Winning Video

Pierre-Eduoard Ferry aka PEF joins up with Anthony Rocci to lay siege to Chatel during three days of intense filming. The result earned them 'Best Video' and 'Best Resort Showcase' awards, and it's not hard to see why. The shred is strong and so is the stoke!


Best of Vital will return next month!

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