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Boss won't let you surf Vital at work? Your wife inconsiderately thinks you should be doing dishes and not checking out the latest bike edits? At the end of the month, you're thinking, what if I missed all the good stuff? Fear not, this is where Best of Vital comes in. Every month we'll round up the good, the bad, and sometimes maybe a little ugly for you in this one convenient place. Find yourself a little time, and check out the best of the best mountain bike content on the web - Best of Vital!


This year, we introduced the world to RAW World Cup video coverage. This is DH action straight out of the video camera, with tires ripping the dirt and oil swooshing around in the suspension for only soundtrack. Goosebumps guaranteed!

RAW Qualifying Action from Mont Sainte Anne 2013

Huck to Infinity

Dave Goris jumping very far during his qualifying run at the 4th round of the German Downhill Cup in Ilmenau. He even managed to hit a photographer mid-flight and repeated that massive huck in his finals run... Insane!

 Huck to Infinity

65 Best Whip Off World Champs Photos Slideshow

Whips, whips, whips, whips, and whips. We don't need no special reason to run this again. There's whips, 'K?

Whip Off World Champs


OK, so if you own any device with an internet connection, you've noticed that Eurobike happened. Even a tin foil hat wouldn't have shielded you from all the coverage coming out of Germany over the last weeks. But just in case you missed something, we have all the action waiting for you right here. There's weird and wonderful new toys waiting to be discovered!


Tracey Hannah Injury Update

Racing is tough, and racing at world level is even tougher. Taking on the best in the world means you can't really hold back, but we all know that's easier said than done. Tracey Hannah has had more than her fair share of injuries lately, and in this blog entry, she shared a little insight into just how taxing it can be, battling your demons. We can all take note. Of course, Tracey bounced back and stood on the podium at World Champs last week in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa - we were stoked for her to say the least!


NO HOLDS BARRED: Mont Sainte Anne World Cup Downhill Slideshow

Everybody knows that Vital has the raddest race coverage on the net, bar none. Mont Sainte Anne was no different, the awesomeness of the riding matched only by the skill of our photo ninjas. If after digesting the goods below you're still hungry for more, our archives have all the World Cups lined up for your viewing pleasure - it's this way to the goldmine.

Winning Bike - Stevie Smith's Devinci Wilson

Steve Smith sent it at the 2013 Mont Sainte Anne World Cup aboard this Devinci Wilson Carbon. As fastest qualifier, he had mounting pressure to maintain his status in the finals and that pressure didn't phase him one bit. Even with a rain shower wetting the course minutes before his race run, Steve held it wide open and took a victory over Gee Atherton.


FOX Goes Public - Files $120 Million IPO

FOX FLOATed the company on the NASDAQ. FLOATed, geddit? (OK, OK...).

Bike Check

There is no official Bike Check of the Month title, let's just make that clear. If there was, this one would be right up there. Big pimpin'!
Want more? All the Bike Checks are HERE, and if you didn't share your bike yet - add it HERE.


EXCLUSIVE & In Depth: First Ride on the DVO Emerald Fork & Jade Shock

The arrival of the new DVO Suspension products has been more anticipated than any other suspension in recent history. We were given the exclusive opportunity to try it out for first time in Whistler, BC. What follows is an in-depth recount of our two-day ride experience, with initial impressions from Dave Trumpore, Bryson Martin Jr. and Cedric Gracia. Grab a cup of joe, sit back, and get your learn on. Following countless hours of Pro rider and in-house testing, DVO has finalized their designs and will be taking things to production in the coming weeks, starting with the Emerald fork. Get pumped! It's finally here.

First Ride: DVO Emerald Fork and Jade Shock

ENDURO ACTION: Crankworx Whistler EWS Race Day

The Enduro World Series stop at Whistler (part of Cranksworx) was remarkable not just because Jared Graves and Anne Caroline Chausson claimed their long overdue maiden EWS victories, but also because our very own Brandon Turman cranked out this superb slideshow with a freshly broken arm. The show always goes on at Vital.

EWS Whistler

Pedro Dias // Bunnyhop 180 // Parque das Nações

We love sifting through photos from all the great photographers who contribute their talent and time in order to share their stoke with the world. This sweet shot of Pedro Dias' bunny hop 180 is just one example. It was our Daily Shot on August 17!


Around the Web

Stuff we thought was awesome on the internet.

Overtaking on the Wallride

Michal Marosi turns on the afterburners during a 4X heat at JBC 4X Revelations 2013 to overtake 2 riders - by going above them on the wallride!

Michal Marosi Overtakes on the Wallride

Crankworx Crashes

Yeah, well, it's not like you can just go throwing yourself off house-sized jumps and not expect to take a little dirt nap every now and then. Ouch!

Best Trick (crash) Finals at Crankworx

Darren Berrecloth Riding on Hornby Island, British Columbia

We're used to seeing Darren Berrecloth shredding the wildest lines on the planet, but he's pretty good at carving up singletrack too! Zen moment with one of our all-time favorite riders.

The Claw on Hornby Island

Matt Hunter - Forgotten Dirt

Matt Hunter goes to Afghanistan to ride bikes. You'll wonder how you missed it the first time around.

Matt Hunter - Forgotten Dirt

Deep Summer 2013: Freedom - Harookz and the Coastal Crew

"I'm looking for freedom, and to find it, may take everything I have". It was hard to pick just one slide show from the Deep Summer Photo Challenge at Crankworx. But between the song and the photos, this is one we've come back to watch a few times...

"Freedom" - by Harookz


What if you wouldn't be scared, scared to give up the job you hate, scared to leave for a better place... What if you could dream your whole life in one night and make changes the nights following. Would you still be the same person when you wake up? Can a simple dream change your everyday life? This was a magical piece of content that deserves a second (third?) look.

What If?

Best of Vital will return next month!

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