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We're fortunate enough to work with a bunch of very talented film-makers here at Vital, and they've kept us entertained all throughout 2013 with their fresh and almost insolently good work. From the roughest back-country tracks in the UK to the slickest parks in the US, we've rounded up 5 edits that are sure to blow your socks off. You're welcome!

Adam Brayton RAW

Vital's RAW series of race videos made a big splash in the 2013 media pond, letting viewers get up close and personal with the action in a way that had been all but forgotten in the era of the uber slow-mo and the over-the-top-epic soundtrack (we're looking at you, AWOLNATION). And just when you thought it couldn't possibly get any better, along came Joe Bowman and Adam Brayton to put together what was to become one of the landmark edits of the year from the old World Cup course in Schladming, Austria. No, this is not sped up, and yes, there will be more of these made in 2014. If that's not awesome we don't know what is!

Video by Joe Bowman

Eliot Jackson's Mega Gaps in Whistler

Think you know Whistler? Not like this you don't! Eliot Jackson turns doubles into quads as he goes looking for improbable jumps all over Freight Train. Apparently, all you have to do is "ride fast and pull up". We think there may just be a little bit more to it than that...

Video footage provided by the Parkins Brothers

Brian Lopes Rapid Fire

This was supposed to be a 2-minute edit, but Brian went way too fast. They don't call him Flyin' Brian for nothing!

Video by Brandon Turman and Shawn Spomer

Vital MTB Super Session 2013

Every year, Vital brings together a bunch of pro riders for a couple of days of friendly competition and general mayhem at Woodward West for Super Session. The 2013 edition was a banger, with more talent than you could shake a stick at in attendance and the weather cooperating. In between crucial contests like the Foot Down or the High Jump, the trains of shred seemed never ending and it was open bar at the Steeze Club. Good times!

Video by Root One Productions

UK Backcountry Shredding

Obviously thrilled with the whole Rampage experience, the Sorry For Partying crew headed straight back home to Blighty to try to recreate that "backcountry" vibe. So, off they went, "back" out into a piece of "country". A few hours later, this happened. Brendan Fairclough, Sam Pilgrim, Olly Wilkins and Sam Reynolds at their best - and to think that this passes for "work" for these boys...

Video by Aspect Media / Jacob Gibbins

Stay tuned for more Best Of 2013 features coming your way soon!

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