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If there is one thing the bike industry is not lacking, it's web edits of people riding bicycles. The sheer amount of video being produced on a constant basis is enough to turn even the most hard-core fan into a jaded cynic some days. Well here are five fresh Vital edits that are guaranteed 100% original, free of additives and without the slightest trace of Imagine Dragons. Imagine that.

Vital RAW - Best of 2014

Vital's RAW videos took the world by storm in 2013, and are still the gold standard by which all other moving images of people on bikes must be measured. Who needs a soundtrack when you can point a mic at a DH bike at full tilt and bask in a glorious cacophony of skidding tires and and rims headed for early retirement? We were trackside at every World Cup race to bring you the bangers, and we've amassed the absolute best clips into what might be the cream of the whole 2014 internet crop - Best of RAW!

Eddie Masters, E-Duro RAW

You can't improve on RAW you say? We thought so too, but that was before Eddie Masters.

Caroline Buchanan, Downhill Bike Blazing

We're not really spoiled for choice when it comes to lady shr-edits. BMX and MTB 4X World Champ Caroline Buchanan makes up for the shortage with this short but sweet session onboard her Airborne DH bike. Speed and style, this left a lot of guys wishing they could ride like a girl - and it left us wishing it was twice as long!

Cam McCaul vs Tyler McCaul - Vital MTB's Wheel of Fortune

Watching this again, we don't understand why we didn't make any more of these? The only reason we can think of is that nobody wants to follow The Comedy Brothers on stage. Well, regardless of how many episodes were made, the entertainment value of Vital's Wheel of Fortune was through the roof, and the riding wasn't half bad either... we want moar!

In It to Win It - 14-Year-Old Finn Iles is Whip-Off World Champ

When we heard 14-year-old Finn Iles wasn't going to get to compete in the Official Whip-Off World Championships at Crankworx Whistler, we couldn't just stand by and let that happen. So we went out and shot an edit with Finn to help rally the troops under the #LetFinnIn banner, and the rest is history. Finn got in, and took the win! One look at the edit and you'll soon see why. Keep an eye out for him on the World Cup circuit in 2015.

Stay tuned for more Best Of 2014 features coming your way soon!

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