A New Kind of Evil - Bike Check with Graham Agassiz and Tom van Steenbergen 19

The two Canadian freeriders made a pit stop on their way to DarkFEST, and we caught a glimpse of their new goodies.

A New Kind of Evil - Bike Check with Graham Agassiz and Tom van Steenbergen

Graham Agassiz and Tom van Steenbergen stopped off in Reno, NV, for a few days to do some riding at Cam Zink's property, AKA: the Campound, or as Tom called it, the Big Air Headquarters. When you live in the Great White North, a little saddle time can be a life-saver before heading to South Africa to hit 90-foot jumps at DarkFEST. Zink has those as well, but an airbag and a few other amenities make the stop invaluable.

Graham Agassiz and His New Evil Bike

The fellas were kind enough to let us geek out on their bikes for a bit. As it turns out, Agassiz is on something rather special and forthcoming from the Washington-based brand. Details are sparse, but here is what Agassiz could share with us: The new Evil features a steeper seat tube angle and internal cable routing, along with some new lines, which are all visually apparent.

Agassiz has the bike outfitted with 27.5-inch wheels but uses a 29-inch RockShox Boxxer Ultimate to keep the bottom bracket height in check. This was the same configuration he ran for his Rampage bike. The new Evil is meant for the enduro/park/gravity crowd and is obviously rated for a dual-crown fork. Rear wheel travel is a mystery as are any actual lengths or angles at this time.

Graham's 2019 Rampage Bike for comparison

Graham remains on the SRAM program this year. He currently has a Super Deluxe coil with a 550-pound spring and the compression damping almost maxed. He may try a heavier spring for larger jumps and drops. In the rolling department, Agassiz uses We Are One wheels and Industry Nine hubs. Currently, he is running a Maxxis Aggressor 2.5 WT in Double Down casing out back and a Minion DHF 2.5 WT in EXO casing up front. 

Chromag takes care of Agassiz's cockpit setup and pedals with Sensus grips rounding out the complete build. Graham is pumped on the new setup and more than eager to pull some big stunts. 

Tom van Steenbergen's Hyper

Traveling with a buddy is always better. Tom van Steenbergen was also sending some of Cam's massive jumps. He had his Hyper downhill bike rolling on 26-inch wheels. Tom is officially making the move from Marzocchi over to X-Fusion suspension. Tom likes the way the new suspension feels, and while an air shock is in these photos, he has an X-Fusion coil on another bike and will be swapping that over.

Tom remains with Shimano this year with a full Saint drivetrain and brakes. His wheels are Grade 300 Industry Nine, and he has them wrapped in 2.4-inch Kenda Hellkats with more pressure than normal, around 40+ PSI for these massive jumps.

Tom's cockpit are all Title Components with ODI providing grips. Tom was getting pretty comfortable at Zink's, sending it bigger and bigger.

In case you missed it, make sure to check out Zink's massive backflip as he seeks (and already has) to break his own world record. Cam's property is becoming a haven for enormous jumps as more riders travel there to push their limits and hone their skills. 

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