GETTIN' IT WHILE WE CAN - 2020 World Championships DH Action 11

Sven, Boris and Dan share the scars from Leogang's teeth at World Champs DH practice today.

See that blue sky? It may be fleeting as significant snow threatens race day at the 2020 Mountain Bike World Championships Downhill race. Like the racers we love, we won't focus on things we can't control and we'll focus on the photo mastery that captures the riding mastery of our favorite DH racers. The mud, the muck, the roots and the ruts made for a special day, as the first legitimate Elite-level DH practice session of the entire year finally took place. Our hearts are warm now. Oh, and btw, Troy's gonna take it.

Loic is #1 after all.

A little of this today. A lot expected Sunday. Will tomorrow's seeding be the final result?

Golden girl, Myriam Nicole.

Can you taste it?

Matthew Sterling keeping the knees tight for the off-camber grip.

Nina Hoffman starts her day.

Misty moody morning.

Noga Korem in her first-ever World Champs DH. Her last World Champs was for XC in 2016.

Tracey Hannah looked confident this morning, committing to the high set up for a speedier exit.

Heels down like Sam and Kovarik, Pom Pon on flats.

There’s still bit of bike park left in. Vali sends it on the first double.

Early morning wake up calls are the worst.

Outdoor MX MTB.

Moto roost for days in the open turns.

Alex Marin always super stylish.

Troy showing he can still jib with the kids. #gordosPick

Wyn Masters riding a jump like it's meant to be ridden. Due to poorly thought-out pole placement, it's faster not to jump this hip, but rather skim/roll it to the wide berm set-up entry. Bummer.

Charlie Harrison with one of the tricker lines out here. An awkward stump setup before a gap, rolling three more before the motorway.

Loic with the intensity normally only seen on finals days. He means business.

Eddie Masters prefers portrait photos.

Matt Walker getting aero tucked.

Greg Wililamson loving the Scottish conditions.

Danny was fastest on the motorway today. Fitting in pedal strokes where others were coasting.

Estonian train.

Loic with the golden glow already.

Highway to the danger zone.

Jack Moir, feet up in the wet like its Morzine in the dry.

Brook sliding, but still sending the hard to get to inside drop line in the steepest part of the course. Nothing fazes him.

Greg Minnaar navigating the greasy mud and slippery roots. I don’t think anyone gets down perfectly clean.

Luca getting caught up on the lower rut catch line. Time can be lost of you don’t slingshot out of here.

The inside line drop shown by Greg requires an off-camber rooty slide to diving board.

Laurie Greenland loving it.

Mick was full steam ahead today on all the gnarly lines. He’s not done yet. This is Worlds after all.

Pompon on flats! She used to race on flats for years. This morning it was a smart move to break in the track.

Yeoooww Lozza!

PomPon rocking the gold helmet!

Swiss precision to clear the new gap.

Thanks for the steeze, Dakotah Norton.

Marine Cabirou is loving the track and can't wait for finals.

EdBullMediaHouse back in Action

Tahnee Seagrave had a good pace today.

Local Hero, Vali Höll!

I felt a bit like Vladimir Rys when I took this picture. You should check out his insta feed.

Light and clouds...

Emilie Siegenthaler will race her 12th race on this track. 8 WCs and 3 IXS Cups

Wait for the pic from tomorrow to see how much is left from that berm.


The Hof, on the other side of the lens.

It's hard to see, but that's actually the tricky inside line on the death chute. Danny Hart was one of the few riders taking it.

Winter is coming!

Matt Walker pinned on the bottom part of the track.

Like nothing ever happened. Brook is on fire and wild as ever.

Not sure if we ever had a DH Track with so many fresh ruts.

Finn Iles is hungry for the gold medal here in Leogang!

Thibaut Daprela didn't need the catch net...he landed softly in front of it.

Unique Lightpocket for Aaron Gwin

Some riders made use of the catch net today.

Greg Minnaar was looking fast out there.

What are you pointing at, Laurie?

Manual Speed Tuck brought to you by Troy Brosnan. (He's gonna win)

Mark Wallace railing bike park berms.

South African Sharjah Jonsson with one of the stzeeziest whips of the day.

Luke Meier-Smith is a potenial candidate for a Junior world medal.

B-practice riders doing what they can to get warm on a nippy morning in the mountains.

A fresh dumping of snow overnight sets the scene for what could be an interesting race day.

Tracey Hannah looking steady on her second run, already getting used to the lack of traction.

The first off camber right out the start hut caused problems for many.

YT’s worldwide search for a junior racer found them Ireland’s Oisin O’Callaghan. He looked solid on track today and will be one to watch come finals.

Pompon looking regal in gold and white, before too much mud stuck.

Some heavenly light blessed the early-rising photographers.

Scott’s Louis Gaillet getting acquainted with the flow of the upper track.

Even the tunnels were slippery and caused some sketchy lock-ups.

John Lawlor getting the bangers for Vital Raw for your viewing pleasure.

It sure was slippery out there… #mariokartmusic

Pedro Burns floating above the wavey wall ride.

Greg Minnaar using training wisely to get some hip mobility exercises in.

The Bulldog back and firing on all cylinders.

The freshest parts of the track still have a couple of days to dry up a bit before finals.

Charlie Hatton might be British, but the mud here is taking some getting used to.

As the mud slowly dried out it got stickier and caused more traction issues.

Even when he’s wild and out of shape, Remi Thirion always looks in shape. Know what I mean?

Loris getting his moto turn on.

Neko Mulally looked like he was having fun in training today.

Marine Cabirou is stoked to be back racing again…and so are we! See ya in a few for seeding and possibly final results!



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