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After a long career riding Scott frames on an independent deal he'd brokered, Adam Brayton announced in mid-december that he would ride Nukeproof frames in 2019. See the announcement here.

Nigel Page, Nukeproof Team Manager, approached Brayton and inquired about the structure of Adam's deal with Scott. Brayton and Nigel talked more, the bike was ridden and liked by Mr. Gas2Flat, and here we are today as the Kestrel discusses the raw aluminum sled.


The Nukeproof prototype we see in the video is actually Sam Hill's DH frame (size medium) that Adam has been riding. Adam said there are no geometry adjustments needed for him, as he's comfortable with the bike as is. Brayton continues to run Ohlins suspension and Hope components. He sticks with Maxxis tires, too, citing that he prefers to run tubes because he burps tubeless setups too often and believes he can run lower pressures with tubes.

We're stoked to see Brayton smash it out like he always does, as one of the most exciting World Cup DH riders to watch on the circuit. The first World Cup Downhill race of 2019 is in Maribor, Slovenia, the weekend of April 27.

sspomer sspomer 1/14/2019 7:21 AM

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has he ever tried putting a cushcore in? That should help reduce burping, and remove pinch flats as well. Curious on that

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The current Pulse? I have only heard about the Scalp having problems.

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Curious as to which offset crowns he's running on the fork. Roomy reach and a not-super-slack headangle paired with a short offset fork is really giving me the fizz lately. Keeping the stem length slightly longer than the offset gives idiot proof grip on the front tire.

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