20" Tuesday - Dakota Roche, Parker Heath, Mike Aitken

Twenty-inch Tuesday highlights BMX content that gets us stoked to ride bikes. The wheels might be tiny, but the tricks are huge, and brakes are never mandatory.

Another Tuesday must mean another round of BMX videos to get you hyped to rip your brakes off your trail bike, ghetto rig some pegs on, and go feeble grind a ledge, right?! This week is nothing short of epic, with two banging video parts from Dakota Roche and Parker Heath and a 2-hour long podcast with living legend Mike Aitken. I'm sure Aitken had a huge influence on any mountain biker who grew up riding in the 2000s with his effortless style. Enjoy! 


Vans BMX Presents "Low & Hi” starring Dakota Roche. Endless trick battles, injuries and ongoing spot searching pushed Dakota to his physical and mental limits throughout the making of the film, such dedication achieved Dakota’s proudest video part to date. Directed by filmmaker Calvin Kosovich, this project was 14 months in the making- filmed in California, Houston, Copenhagen and NYC with Dakota’s creativity focused on emphasizing locations and trick selection. “Low and Hi” is an ode to the intense process of delivering a memorable video part, in which Dakota is completely addicted to…Starring: Dakota Roche Film by: Calvin Kosovich Photography by: Jeff Zielinski // VANS BMX


Parker Heath came through big time with his new 5+ minute Demolition Part “PAR KER”. Parker brings some unique rail tricks to some HEAVY set-ups…including one of my personal favorites, the one-handed x-up grind! Don’t let me keep you, grind your way over to the play button! “Title is derived from the handwritten signature I do on all my art pieces, and gives a glimpse into the creative life I sustain alongside my life as a rider. I’m lucky that "PAR KER made" has become my full-time job, and my biggest creative outlet with my paintings, ceramics, and textile work. Collaborating with another creative, who is beyond talented, Dalton Voss, was an opportunity to shed a light on a bit more of a “rider portrait” rather than just BMX tricks in a video part. We wanted to merge and share all the things we like to do that are expressive for ourselves and utilize other creative media.” - Parker Heath Filmed by: Matt Cordova, Noa Carone, Albert Mercado, Jeff Zielinski, Tony Ennis, Mike “Yup” Moores, Jake Willier, Jayden Mucha, Bernard Coleman, Blake Peters, and Michael Mogollon // OUR BMX


MIKE AITKEN…I feel like I don't have to say much more than that. The man who influenced a whole generation with his is effortless style. A style that set him apart from the pack, a Style that had brands fighting over him, a Style that attracted all of us to any footage that surfaced with him in it…Mikey is one of our most requested guests and thanks to Traction Coffee, we got him here on the Unclicked Podcast. Don't let me keep you any longer, Press play! // OUR BMX


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