20" Tuesday - Boyd Hilder, Julian Arteaga, Éclat AM Team

Twenty-inch Tuesday highlights BMX content that gets us stoked to ride bikes. The wheels might be tiny, but the tricks are huge, and brakes are never mandatory.

Street, street, and more street. Well, and some flawless skatepark riding by the always creative Boyd Hilder. Another week of epic BMX videos to keep you questioning if you should continue pursing your amatuer moutain bike career or hang it up and start learning how to feeble a ledge. Enjoy the shredding, and thank you to the riders and brands who create these videos! 


Boyd Hilder recently paid a visit to Bali and Jakarta to explore their amazing concrete parks and pristine beaches, but not all trips are smooth sailing. Along the way, Boyd and Salad dealt with rain, injuries and even a scooter collision of all things. Boyd still soldiered on and came through with a solid enjoyable video, so click play and enjoy! Video by Troy Charlesworth // Odyssey BMX 


SLUGGIN' brings Julian's casual yet masterful riding style to spots across Southern California, Phoenix, Arizona, and Austin. Nobody does it quite like Julian! Sit back and enjoy. Video by Zach Krejmas // Sunday Bikes



With the recent additions to the AM team, High Desert and Jordan Richardson. We thought it would be fitting to team them up with the other AM riders down the road Pat Freyne and Homie Rich to get on a long weekend adventure. With some freshly built-up bikes and a new brand sponsor the van was loaded up and the AM team took a trip to SD for a good old BMX filled excursion. Considering the crew didn’t have long and the weather wasn’t on side, the bounty that was had was very fruitful. We are super stoked to welcome High Desert and Jordan Richardson to the eclat AM team. We've just got cookin'! Filmed and edited by Grant Castelluzzo // DIG BMX


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