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Remember, before you scroll down, you can't unsee any of these things. It's a big, bad, scary world out there! Happy Halloween.

We'll take two, please


It would be a nightmare not to have one of these.

A true do-it-all bike


Built with the extreme internet forum rider in mind so they can keep up with the latest trends quickly and easily.

Because e-bikes are for pussies


Could be a nightmare for certain body parts, however.

Groomer for the 2016 Olympic XC course or Freddy Krueger's personal whip?


All that ingenuity and labor without the hassles of needing a chain. +1 for the bars, though.

The $1,000,000 Gold Fat Bike


Sure you're one of only 13 people to own this hand-gold-plated rig, but a) it's a fat bike and 2) you could have bought this at the base of Whistler and had $600k left over to spend on booze while watching Joyride instead. #makessense

The Pronghorn


As said in our Eurobike coverage, that's one way to make room for a water bottle.




Since we're on the topic of tricycles


Oh wait, it's not a tricycle. Yeah we used this last year, but we're still in therapy because of it.

Thinking outside the triangle

​​Shoulda stayed inside it.

Two belts too many


At least they got the stem length right.

BMW, please stick to cars



Still blowing it after all these years.

gordo's first "downhill" bike


According the DH forum on MTBR in 1999, this was as rad as it gets. 12 dropped chains and 16-minutes later, I finished my first DH race at Keystone.

Coming soon to MTB standards


All of you who have + bikes on order, cancel 'em and wait until 2017. Our industry insiders say this shit's comin' in hot! Happy Halloween!

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sspomer sspomer 10/31/2015 10:13 AM

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Brought to you by Buzzfeed's mountain bike department. Next article: "We talked to this Rampage insider and you won't believe what he told us."

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