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While all the Northerners and Westerners still have a month or so of white stuff keeping the cob webs on the DH bikes, it’s a different story for this Southeast based team. You can always count on kicking off the season right with what has become a classic at Clemson Freeride thrown by a handful and orange purple yielding (Clemson) Tigers.

The Clemson spring race has become synonymous with being wet and nasty, so what did old Mother Nature have in store for riders this year after the strangest Winters on record? Well, I know this rider was glued to the local weather Doppler radar all day prior and all night before the race. This year would turn out to be no different; mother nature yet again delivered what some call the Clemson curse……. Or did it?


Practice kicked off bright and early, just 3 hours after the rains had stopped. Less than a handful of riders braved the trail and Clemson’s raw wooden features that early in the morning. First impressions all around, “Man that stuff is uber slick!!” Early in the day, before everything had time to dry out, fellow rider Drew Dickson blew his knee out on the Great Wall Ride…… Healing Vibes Bro! After that, it was hit that wall at speed at your own risk.

As time went on, something strange began to happen. Things got much better…… which really surprised pretty much everybody. Clemson is just 19 miles or so from the GA/SC state line and has lots of that infamous Georgia clay. That stuff can hold some serious water! But, by the time the first rider, Josh Standish, was released the course was all but perfect. Junior Team BGB-MK Rider Aaron Bartlett was the second out of the gate posting a time of 1:38.5 on his first run. Followed by the ladies and Team BGB-MK Rider Heither Schultz, the Sport class including Team Riders, Jay Guidry and Andy Pavlica, with the Expert/Pro Class with Team Rider Max Morgan. Each rider was given two runs with the better of the two establishing podium positions. Team BGB-MK results can be seen below.


Overall, the event was a ball of fun. Turnout was lower than expected due to the wacky weather the day before, but those that were turned off…. You all really missed excellent trail conditions. Thanks to Richard Demile, Garth Maree, and all the unknown soldiers from the Clemson Freeride group for another great season opener.

Shout out to all our sponsors kicking it this season: Mountain Khakis, Billy Goat Bikes, Rocky Mountain Bicycles, Loaded Precision Components, Black Market Bikes, Feedback Sports, Smith Optics, Zerode Bicycles, POC Sports, Suspension Experts.

Website: Team BGB-MK
Facebook: Team BGB-MK on Facebook
Twitter: Team BGB-MK on Twitter

For any further information please contact: Jay Schultz, VitalMTB ID: waterdog, Team BGB-Mountain Khakis – Public Relations

Official Results:

1st – Josh Standish 01:34.6
2nd – Aaron Bartlett 01:35.9 – Team BGB-Mountain Khakis
3rd – Seth Parker 01:41.0
4th – Michael Kane 01:42.9
5th – Ben Richter 02:07.3

1st – Katie Nolan 01:49.9
2nd – Caroline Westray 01:55.5
3rd – Heither Schultz 02:03.0 – Team BGB-Mountain Khakis
4th – Madison Capps 02:05.5

1st – Clealan Watts 01:32.0
2nd – Tim Anderson 01:38.0
3rd – Corey Willard 01:43.4
4th – Tyler Funk 01:46.4
5th – Matt Lin 01:46.8
6th – Christopher Dufre 01:48.6
7th – Preston Dieriekx 01:55.0
8th – Rob Applegate 01:55.6


1st – Jimmy Awad 01:27.0
2nd – Zach Gang 01:31.5
3rd – Chris Zangas 01:31.8
4th – Jay Guidry 01:33.2 – Team BGB-Mountain Khakis
5th – Matt Creel 01:33.8
6th – Aaron Ingram 01:38.0
7th – James Burkhart 01:38.5
8th – Riley Cooper 01:38.7
9th – Edwin Cowan 01:40.7
10th – Kent Moody 01:42.3
11th – Dereck Simmons 01:43.6
12th – Michael Caswell 01:47.0
13th – Andy Pavlica 02:03.1
14th – Michael Henson 02:03.2

1st – Jay Fesperman 01:21.7
2nd – Cecil Linder 01:23.7
3rd – Ben Calhoun 01:24.2
4th – Max Morgan 01:25.2 – Team BGB-Mountain Khakis
5th – Mike Duckworth 01:26.4
6th – Nick Gragtmans 01:26.7
7th – Will Murray 01:28.4
8th – Andy Richter 01:29.0
9th – JT Linville 01:29.7
10th – David Medina 01:30.2
11th – Butch Greene 01:30.4
12th – Trey Cassel 01:30.6
13th – Jason Lohmeyer 01:30.7
14th – Richard Pedigo 01:31.2
15th – Dave Davidson 01:31.3
16th – Nathan Swartz 01:33.4
17th – Jerry Mailloux 01:33.9
18th – Derek Maiden 01:34.2
19th – Eric Velt 01:35.5
20th – Justin Rush 01:36.9
21st – Brendan Banville 01:49.6

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