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'Democrats, or Republicans' was not mentioned. I hope you do see the relevance of the cost of cycling goods to a cycling site though. News that will most likely affect everyone should just be seen as that, news, not bias. Plus, this article had good arguments for and against, which should be the standard of quality news. Better to be educated than insulated.

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i understand all of what you're saying and agree with the changing landscape. since you're new here (at least based on your sign-up date), dig into our past reviews. there are times when, despite being wined and dined at camps, products don't come away with glowing endorsements. our staff is experienced and they review the product, not the free beer. saying X is awesome because they treated us to a nice room at a resort wouldn't do us (or any editorial outlet) any good long-term because you would all see through it instantly. then we'd have no credibility, which means no audience. also, buying a product doesn't inherently mean you have perfect, unbiased intentions. we could buy any big-named products on the market, give them average or poor reviews (even when they didn't deserve that rating) and we'd probably get 50x the traffic and *respect* because people would think we didn't "sell out" and give big brand X a good review. i'm not saying that's what DC or TWiT does, not at all. they seem really fair and experienced. i just don't think buying the product means a fair review because plenty of people buy things that don't work well, yet continue to sing praises of the product b/c of personal preference or brand loyalties or just to be different or whatever. i know it's easy to look at vital, with brand advertisers, and say "oh, corpo site, they got paid for their reviews," but that's incredibly far from reality because we're just a small crew of people who like to ride bikes and see what works well and what doesn't.

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Thanks for the props!

We ensured that we had ridden the trail a ton prior to the race. Each bike saw multiple laps down the trail, and the filming process was a GREAT way to get very familiar with the trail which lessened variability in line choice, etc. We also both did two warm up laps the day of the race so we weren't dropping in blind to the day's dirt conditions on our first test bikes.

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