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I bet a lot people on this site won't get the reference since this movie is the same age/older than them LOL

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Looks like an old Corsair or Commencal frame/ linkage design.

Also, can we ban the rock on hand sign?

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Liked a comment about feature Marginal Gains: There’s Nothing *Stock* About Stock Suspension 10/21/2020 6:15 PM

Agreed that it's pretty hopeless to get one shock tune that works across size runs and for most rider skill levels. In a perfect world, companies would either use different shock tunes for different sizes (Like Ibis "Roxy tune") or would use a slightly different shock mount for every size to change wheel rate (like the RAAW Madonna).

I hope the bike industry continues the current trend of making their existing bikes work better across the spectrum of rider dimensions and skill levels instead of chasing "10% stiffer!!!" or "120 grams lighter!!!" Altering chainstay length and seat angle for different frame sizes is just scratching the surface of what's possible. There are a lot of things that work for 140-pound riders that DO NOT work for 220-pound riders, and vice versa.

Knowing that there are a dozen things off the top of my head that MTB manufacturers could be doing to make bikes perform better, I kind of threw up in my mouth when I read this sentence in the article: "We mentioned initially how marginal gains drive the industry, along with the never-ending quest for “perfect” suspension. Simply put: between frame manufacturers and suspension companies, nearly no stone is left unturned."

I would say the bike industry is constantly searching for good-enough solutions for the average rider, and leaves lots of stones unturned if they think their audience is too stupid to understand or utilize a feature.

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Liked a comment about video Scrubs: Show or Dough? Finn Iles Explains the Difference and How to Do Them 9/2/2020 8:52 PM

Exactly. It's not a scrub if you don't slide off the lip. Scrubs are possible on a mountain bike, but they're ridiculously hard. Eliot Jackson, Aaron Gwin, Ian Morrison, and maybe three other people in the world have done a legit tire-sliding scrub on an MTB, and for those guys it's still kind of a roll of the dice every time- sometimes the tire slides too far and they can't pull it back. I don't see the benefit of watering down the word and losing sight of how enormously hard an actual MTB scrub is. That would be like me doing a turnbar with a dual crown and calling it an "X-up" because it's basically the same thing. Words mean something.

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I think most people judge bikes before they even sort out their spring rates. "This bike pedals like crap." 40% sag. "This bike is really soft and dead feeling." No volume spacers. "This bike is really bad on steep trails." Fork too soft. "It's so harsh on rough trails." Also fork too soft.

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Liked a comment about product review Ochain's Active Spider Eliminates Pedal Kickback - REVIEW 8/14/2020 8:33 PM

"Very slow DH speeds, doing very low-speed drops to flat, or locking your rear brake through big compressions." I think you accidentally but perfectly described a squid. This may also be O-Chain's dream customer.

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They're also the worst sounding thing you can bolt on your bike. The only way to make your bike sound worse is neglecting basic maintenance.

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What he said. These podcasts are some of the best content on vital. But you guys seem ashamed of it for some reason and keep them hidden once they migrate off the front page. Inside line needs an outside link.

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