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Better hope the one bolt that holds your world together doesn’t come loose, and no loctite. Beautiful yes but no thanks after installing a couple myself.

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It mattered enough for you to put it in your clickbait title.

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The riding is great no doubt.

I hate that eventually ebikes are going to divide the community. People who put in the time to build trail are not likely going to ride with a motor and won’t allow it either, Nor should they. But a divide is coming. Bikes don’t have motors.

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All the people changing teams for 19’?

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Why you got to do this today! I got work to get done! Dont have time for uncle kirt to lay down the truth and make me laugh my ass off!

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That kinda confirms something I heard about gigantic ditching the DH bike and program. I hope it’s not so. The frame needs an update.

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I think I have one but I need to find it it was out of a 2014 or 15 turner burner. If that works let me know it will take me a day or so to find it, could be at work. It’s in great shape fresh service fox tech did it.

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Duh 3.2 is hydrating

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I totally agree judged sports are dumb, coming from a “racer” first. However this is not a race there is no time (it’s the easiest way to define a winner imo) and an event like rampage is hard to quantify by numbers, so why do it? To me there is one ... more »

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But it looks like it has a damper in it! Well shits out da horse! Tell us more!

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'Democrats, or Republicans' was not mentioned. I hope you do see the relevance of the cost of cycling goods to a cycling site though. News that will most likely affect everyone should just be seen as that, news, not bias. Plus, this article had good arguments...more

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Couldn't agree more on how it looked on jumps and corners, and I couldn't help but think this is exactly the type of video that will get land access for bikes taken away. Blowing up corners, going 'off' trail, I can't imagine this is good for e-bike access proponents. I guess Kona is banking on...more

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That was a great edit! Take away Ritchie is still fast the new yeti is quite and shimano brakes still make the whale call. I hope he wasn’t on the new xtr binders.

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I agree with the one less hose/housing but I think a ground up reverb design is in order. Call the next one an Ēverb.

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Suntour... please invest more in the graphical design of your products. They look like they're made in Microsoft Office. This is a shame because the technology sounds quite promising, they just look super cheesy and bland.

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So sad but it’s likely true.

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