Added a comment about photo No painting! No photoshop! 12/21/2019 4:46 PM

That’s rad!

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Added a comment to vinny4130's bike check 11/6/2019 4:06 AM

A black bike is not my first choice most times but I love this one! I have seen orange and silver also great but I still like the black a lot more. I if you do order one I would ask what powder coat color is being used as the last one we got in the shop I’m at was more of a gray.

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Added reply in a thread Fork oil discussion - brands, cold temps 10/21/2019 4:41 PM

It’s the Moto fork oil that has the extra additives the bicycle specific doesn’t, should be fine and is used a lot around the shop I’m at.

Added reply in a thread Mechanic Beef 10/13/2019 7:54 PM

No I don’t and as a mechanic for a living all of this is offensive and I do shake my head at co-workers from time to time. I don’t understand why being a slob and a bike mechanic is so prevalent not to say I’m a neat freak but... sometimes it’s painful. ... more »

Added a comment about product review The Ultra-Playful Yeti SB140 Reviewed 7/30/2019 4:55 AM

Sram/avid brake jokes aside. When did, what looks like code brakes become a weakness?

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Added a comment about feature Josh Bender - The Inside Line Podcast 6/25/2019 5:03 AM

I would love to have seen some of the craters left after impact!

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Liked a comment on the item Josh Bender - The Inside Line Podcast 6/25/2019 4:56 AM

Absolutely fearless; man's got cast iron cojones.

Where would freeride be without Bender?

*slightly off topic*

I really hope you could include The Inside Line on the sidebar of the website. It will be much easier to find it going forward.

Liked a comment on the item Josh Bender - The Inside Line Podcast 6/25/2019 4:56 AM

What he said. These podcasts are some of the best content on vital. But you guys seem ashamed of it for some reason and keep them hidden once they migrate off the front page. Inside line needs an outside link.

Added a comment to Emilio's bike check 6/25/2019 4:51 AM

Nice to know the cc coil can fit like that! With small spacers the small fidlock bottle fits down low.

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Added reply in a thread Would You Pay to Watch More World Cup DH on Red Bull TV? 6/1/2019 8:43 PM

I want to see more than one angle of hard/tech sections. I don’t want a lot of long straights with a ride tucked, sprinting, or long tabletops. I want to see real downhill. I can’t comprehend how hard my request is but don’t do it if that can’t be done. ... more »

Added reply in a thread World Cup Downhill MTB Race Talk 6/1/2019 8:38 AM

I would pay however the number of track cameras would need to increase I want see more wooded areas and not motorways.

Added reply in a thread 2019 UCI World Cup Downhill Tech 5/29/2019 7:57 PM

I felt a little weird about it but Spomer is right to have started a gofundme. I love that tire and have counted on it more times then I know. I have sold a lot of them over the years and use it as a gateway for people to stop counting grams to see they ... more »

Liked a comment on the item Colin Bailey - The Inside Line Podcast 5/24/2019 4:38 PM

That was a reet good podcast, i also remember from the transcontinental vid that he had another nick name of the cactus kid from when Colin came off in some cactus and his dad had to pick the spikes out of his ass with his teeth.

Added a comment about feature Colin Bailey - The Inside Line Podcast 5/22/2019 4:31 PM

Colin is a couple years older than me but I’m pretty sure we raced on the same dual slalom in Durango in the early 90’s at iron horse and I remember a small yeti that had me drooling.

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DH22 couldn't look more like a Magic Mary.

Liked a bike check Guerrilla Gravity Smash 5/1/2019 8:47 PM
Added a comment about video Vital RAW - Maribor World Cup DH Day 1 4/26/2019 6:03 PM

I don’t think I have seen world cuppers ride that loose in a long time. This is a great track!

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