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Liked a comment about feature Transition Patrol vs. Patrol - See How the 2018 Compares 8/28/2017 12:09 PM

Transition should be mailing you guys checks for doing such good marketing work for them. This is how you sell bikes. I love comparisons to see exactly why someone should choose one over another, especially when you have a myriad of choices. Doesn't help that people repeatedly say that you can't go wrong with any, when you're sure there's a choice that can better suit someone for no more cost than another.

I had to look for the ads to see how you are keeping this kind of quality free. There's only 3 ads on the page: top banner (TLD... someone give these guys pointers on how to make an effective ad), right side (RockShox reverb remote), and a banner way at the bottom (Fox Head movie).

Again, great work. The photos and video edit especially. Replacing a chunk of text with them is how it should be done! Love how the text is limited to providing context to photos, to draw attention to points of interest. Organizing the data in a table is much preferred over making an essay out of it and creating silly myths by oversimplifying things such as saying the 75° seat angle does this or that. Leave that nonsense to the comment section, and just deliver your best "non-biased" observations to support your impression.

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