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man this is awesome. since i moved from seattle i havent found any big dirt jumps until about a month ago. ive been making so much progress on rebuilding them and this would be perfect to ride them with!

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R-Dog for the win. May I suggest a tattoo of you recent surgery site on Sorge's chest.

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Note the caption above. It doesn't say; "US Champion"...

Sometimes, when no one will do it for you, you have to step up and say what you feel is right, no matter how coarse it sounds.

I'm sure the US Champion controversy sucked the support and sponsorship from Logan he felt he deserved. I hear it, and I can take it. At their level of sacrifice, I can respect it too.

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glad to see u did so well in the results. oh wait your not in there and never will be

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Pumped on the shot of Hill on the second to last corner. I almost lost my coffee while watching that happen during the live broadcast when roost went flying and it looked like he was about to drift it right off the track. Wasn't sure if anyone would be shooting that corner, well done. It's good to see Sam getting loose and creative again.

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