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you take your foot out to balance yourself, and to shift your your position more near the ground as your tyres grip more the ground while cornering with the side knobs

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gouveia? would be tempted to ride there and folgosinho

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Loic Bruni 3:21:15
Rachel Atheron 3:59:59

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they probably wont since thei make cassettes now and chainrings

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Nice bike.
A Monarch on the back would have made more sense

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i don't know why but my team didn't get any point's, and i have rachel, so why no points?

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in one off the videos of yesterday i think you could see he was riding with maxxis, as the logo was visibel

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Gee Atherton 3:10:169
Rachel Atherton 3:50:169

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for me if i'm shutling, it's always full face, knee pads gloves and MX body armor for racing i always wear a full face, no mather what tipe of the trail's, when you are charging down the trail's the probability of going down is more significant when ... more »

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for you fairly cheap it's what? you have to set a budget first i would say the yeti sb6-c, but theres nothing cheap about it

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LOL @ Wayne Nagata's comment: "Is it too late to go back to the Yeti?"

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Yes, Pardal didn't race and for sure he would have been top 20, but yes, in Dh whe have like 3 really good racers with wc pace.
You guys can start race younger and your federation suports more that ours.just so you see last year on world champs they only took 2 guys and andorra is probably the nearest wc or wchamps to portugal. And no women. Not even the national champ

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Lousã, Portugal

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for me is that exitment when tou finally link perfectly that tricky section of trail or jump line, that click when everything goes perfectly is awesome. it preatty rad too when you do shit and you can get out of it

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it depends on the time of the year, from like november to march 50% road 30% enduro 20% shuttle runs more sunny days like 30 to 40 road 40 enduro and 20 to 10 shuttle, used to be 100% a few years ago

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danny hart?

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and in europe?

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