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New thread National Champs UCI status? 8/15/2011 12:19 PM

Do we know if it's a UCI race? I've heard rumors that it wouldn't be for UCI points as it's outside the date range normally held for National Champs. Anyone have any info? -KT

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New thread National Champs rumors 11/12/2010 9:39 PM

Alright guys, As far as I know, it hasn't been announced where National Champs will be held, so lets hear the speculation on who knows what. World Champs are in Champery, so lets pick a race that is as different from that as possible to determine who

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New thread Champery OTB 7/23/2010 1:26 PM

I'm not sure if there are any prizes for this one, but bragging rights are definatly on the line! I'm going with a wildcard + weather luck Shaun O'Connor 4:08:32 Sabrina 5:30:56 -KT

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New thread Sol Vista Chest Cam - Nationals Course 6/18/2010 4:44 PM

I'm looking for the chest cam of last years national course. It was posted on Vital, but I can't find it anymore. I think Mike Kreger was the rider. Does anyone have it? Am I just blind? -KT

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New thread Leogang OTB 6/16/2010 1:35 PM

I'm assuming we're doing it again, so here it goes! Gwin for the win! 4:22:06 Rachel for the ladies 4:55:68 -KT

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New thread Top 10 best jumps 6/14/2010 5:08 PM

Sweet video of some CRAZY jumps. The last one is insane. 15 minutes of free fall!!! Watch it.

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New thread Vital OTB for US Open 5/25/2010 1:54 PM

Let's get it going! My picks: Men Steve Smith 2:23 Sam Hill 2:25 Bryn Atkinson 2:26 Women tracy mosely2:55 -KT

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New thread 25 random/cool bikes 5/5/2010 7:55 PM

check this list out. more info on the wooden one: -KT

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New thread Having trouble with the vital video player 4/28/2010 1:12 PM

I can't watch any of the vital videos. I can watch all of the pinkbike bike videos, and the vimeo videos, but none of the vital ones. I have the latest flash player and I really want to see some of the new stuff on here. -KT

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New thread Courses for the Port Angeles ProGRT! 4/12/2010 1:41 PM

Check it out guys! Same course as the ProGRT last year. Pro/Cat1 Cat2 Cat3

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