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About four or so weeks ago, rumors started surfacing in Christchurch about a local DH race coming to our neighboring town Lyttelton. Not the usual trees, dirt and roots, but an "Urban DH", like in Brazil or Spain, you know, like "Red Bull" style... well that's how everyone I knew seem to put it...


So really, what's this "Urban" thing?

A quick Google:
Urban: ur·ban/ˈərbən/
1. Adjective:
a. In, relating to, or characteristic of a city or town: "the urban population".
b. Denoting or relating to popular dance music of black origin: "a party that features the best in urban music".

Neither one of these really describe the "Urban" I'm looking for, this is steep narrow stair cases, drops of garage roofs, gaps over concrete driveways to tight asphalt corners, riding to the limit while little Jimmy is watching TV in his living room 5 meters away. This is Downhill (Mountain) Biking in the city.


Something that made this race really special, even more than the "Urban" factor, was the moral boost.

As you may know in September 2010 and February 2011 Christchurch, Lyttelton and surrounding Canterbury - New Zealand - were hit by large earthquakes (7.1 & 6.3 respective) and aftershocks that continue even today (over 8000 so far!!). Many people lost their lives, homes and jobs as a result. Canterbury is still recovering and is far from what it's used to be, with restricted access to Christchurch CBD and many hundreds of houses, offices condemned and then demolished.

Eclectic, small port town of Lyttelton, was heavily affected, with many historic buildings demolished. As a place so iconic, this left some what of an empty feeling. Nevertheless locals still remain positive and continue their lives. To that point this event was not only about extreme racing, but brining the people and vibe back to town, making it something to remember and to prove that Lyttelton still has it!

And now, I'll let the videos do the talking :

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