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I’ve had similar experiences seeing them where they specifically shouldn’t be on multi use trails that include lots of hikers. And this is a bad thing for the Mtb community. 95% of people probably wouldn’t even notice the motor on this bike. Beautiful design, yes. Good for the sport? I’d argue that no, it’s actually bad for the sport because other trail users will group them with mountain bikes instead of a motorized vehicle.

As far as helping people with physical disabilities, I’m all for them using this as a tool to enable them to also enjoy the trails

Totally different topic I do find the price on ebikes in general to be pretty ridiculous. I own a current year MX bike (bought new) that cost less than a couple of these builds and I’d argue it has a lot more technology in it

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If the industry had stayed with 26" wheels, there would be no need for dual crown "enduro" forks, 223mm brake rotors, 4-piston brakes on light-duty trail bikes, etc, but with 29" wheels there's so much more leverage and inertia. A 29" 170mm fork is over an inch taller than a 26" 170 fork, typically with less bushing overlap. They twist, they bend, they flex, and they creak. Most of all, they feel sketchy in really rough/steep/fast terrain. Haven't ridden the new crop of 38mm single crown forks, but at 190 pounds and 6'3" I can substantially support the argument that 35-36mm stanchion long travel single crowns are not cutting it.

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Great article Paul! Im totally with you on this one, I think this 'underbiking' crap that has grown so much in popularity is mostly just bravado and general dumb assery. Same goes for gravel biking, 'look how much fun Im having! I have to walk my bike past every technical feature and I crash constantly!'

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Tremendous tremendous ride you've got there.

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Yeti 115

I’d pay more for the bike if it said “tribe” on it.

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As I heard of the Floyd issue, I did not bother to watch official or independent media and instead just looked up official police and FBI statistics as well as some statements of the founders and leading BLM heads themselves and some of their posts on Twitter. Then some videos of those nice riots and man huntings that are too brutal for many people to watch and the info how many BLACK people and black police men died during those riots that were meant to be FOR Black people. No further questions asked. Full of ideology leading to inciting people against each other. All lives matter, black and white unite should be the credo.

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Case and point. I'm sure you are an intelligent person. Why did you have to ruin it with a post like this?

It's usually a sign of someone who can't defend their point

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It is NOT a human rights movement and it is totally politically based!

I could get behind a BLM movement if that was indeed what it was really about! Instead it's supporters (not all I grant you) often are hurting the communities and people they are claiming to support. They do this by rioting, destroying stores, stealing and hurting people in these African American neighborhoods.
Whats funny is when you look at these protests/riots a good portion of the people there are College age Caucasian kids bused in from the suburbs or professional protestors bused in from other communities and states.

Not to mention this movement only seems to get outraged when it is a police officer that kills someone. Even in the cases that it was justified, which many of them were. (The Floyd case does NOT fall into that category)
If it were a real human rights movement, an equal amount of outrage (if not more) would be applied to the black on black violence that is consuming these communities everyday! Especially in the situations where a gang bangers stray bullet kills an innocent member of these communities. ( For example young children) This example happens all the time.
Now you give me a movement that supports that... I will get behind it all the way!

Then there is the silly suggestion to dissolve the police force in these communities. Which is just a rediculous idea! I for one am thankful for the men and women (black, white, or otherwise) who put their lives on the line each day to keep our families safe! And I won't support the idea to get rid of them based on the actions of the minority opposed to the majority.

I also refuse to be apologetic for the supposed privilege I have that nobody can seem to define for me. Talk about an assumption and a loaded statement! This movement predfines me as a racist just based on the color of my skin and tells me that I should be sorry for who I am. And this movement also suggests that anyone who is African American has the cards stacked against them and cannot do anything without help. Which in itself is a prejudice thought.

There are many other examples I could give. But this movement is hypocritical at best and you are welcome to support it if you like. Same goes for this website.

But I choose not too. So yes! I'm tired of this movement being shoved down my throat every where I look. Especially in places doesn't belong like here.

As stated before, you show me a BLM movement that supports the real issues I mentioned above, and doesn't use violence and intimidation to get what they want and doesn't interject polical bias in to their messaging... And I'll be right there marching with you!

Until then how about focusing on issues that will really help the people in these communities if people insist on waving a flag. Like ridding poverty by getting people off welfare and back to work. Or ridding these neighborhoods of gangs. Or feeding the homeless. I don't care choose one or all of them. But this movement (the BLM movement) in general is just as hateful and hypocritical as the things they claim to be against.

If you don't believe me, look at some of the responses I got here.
Oh and if you "Thumbs Down" my comments here... you obviously must have prejudices because you don't believe in fixing anything I said above. Including saving children (Now obviously that's not true statement and it's stupid to even say!) but it's the same type of logic the BLM movement makes in their argument. I hope you can see how ridiculous those types of statements are! Case closed

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Finally no MSA and Fort Bill on calendar
At least one good news!!

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