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Interesting day with the V10 today, all wired up @gregminnaar @santacruzbicycles @maxxistires @rideshimano @envecomposites A photo posted by MarshGuard (@marshguard) on Dec 13, 2016 at 6:06am PST Note the "mule" lower link....

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Telluride with a new track down the frontside into town. The vert & steepness would match anything on the current WC circuit. #havechainsawwilltravel

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Brad's place from "Follow Me", or Brandon's Yard from "The Inside Out."

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This shot is blowing up all over the "Face Space". I scoured the intra-webs for a clip, but no luck.. Anyone have the back story?

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14' seems like a good test case. We will be constructing soon, dirt is almost soft enough to manage again. The take-off in my avatar is going to be the first one replaced with a larger wood version. Thanks for the info everyone.

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Good to know. We will be replacing a couple dirt jumps with larger wood kickers this summer. Anyone have the numbers of the Post Canyon Booters?