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Bingo. Turning a bike upside down is good idea too, but can take a while or not really flow too well past the bushings especially if its cold. Notice in the video no oil comes out when I purposely lifted the seal past the stanchion? That's not because there isn't any in there, this fork is maybe 5 rides in to a rebuild, it just hasn't made in that far even after being upside down for about 10 minutes while shooting.

Don't care for it, have your own routine, prefer to leave service to your shop, don't regularly clean/lube the lowers already, then feel free to disregard this. But, I should add I learned it from a suspension tech who will remain nameless back in the early years of the EWS when sites were remote and race support, service, and supplies were far more limited than they are now. When you have to work several weeks out of a suitcase in tiny european hotel rooms or the back of a rental car in field somewhere, you have to get creative sometimes.

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And then for an encore I touched the brake rotor with my bare hand and laid the bike down on the drive side. The horror!

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One Ghost

I've been reading a lot of articles and reviews of the Message from riders on MTBR and whatever else I can find and I am gathering that the largest hurdles are set up and expectations. People who just base the fork on looks alone have no idea what they are talking about outside of personal aesthetics and armchair engineering (and neither hold any water).

Both of these actual “issues” are just two sides of the same coin as I see it. Everyone is coming at the Message from a telescopic fork and therefore bringing telescopic knowledge to their set up and expectations. whether or not it is an "expert" or not using the Message, everyone is coming at it with the expectation it will ride like their telescopic fork. I saw somewhere DW saying you need to take every bit of knowledge you have about suspension forks and remove it completely from memory when working with a Message. That will be hard for some as the muscle memory of most is deep-rooted in telescopic products. 

Along with that, every review I read mentioned that they all followed the Trust setup guides exactly and all felt the spring was to firm and thus made the damper feel as it was underperforming while riding. Now again, this could be simply perception and muscle memory getting in the way and the rider going back to what they know about a telescopic fork: lower air pressure and open the damper up as they are listening to their body, not their bike. 

I am sure the collected intelligence at Trust Performance (and that knowledge base is DEEP) can all come together to think of some copy to write and maybe some videos that help simplify the Trust Effect and dumb it down just a little. Not that the MTB community is dumb, I totally get it (what the Trust Effect is); you learn to trust the bike and your input to the bike as it becomes a true extension of your own body as you ride. Traction issues go away, speed comes more naturally as does control. But this all comes at a price as you need to fully open your mind to the different and learn to relax your body into the bike and trust that it has all of your best interest and will reward you. 

I hope that all makes sense. I have been a bit obsessed with Trust since I first heard Hap, Jason and DW were working on a "suspension thing" together back in 2016 (or 2015, I can't remember when it was now) at Ft. William. Once I saw the fork I immediately saw the Lauf and AMP and Girvin and Lawwill and it just made sense to me what Trust was doing: making bikes better by adding traction to it, which is what suspension is supposed to do.

The suspension is less about comfort and more about traction and this is also a very large public misconception. Most shop employees and long-time riders know but this is another one of those concepts that don't always translate well off paper as it is considered a subjective feeling, even though it can be quantifiably measured.

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Embargo scramble sounds like a delicious Cuban breakfast

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