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Joel, you have a Faction, or what?..Just checked them out. I can definitely see the 22" taking over the BMX world if people open their minds. Looks like a hell of a lot of fun to shred, and much better looking for the larger riders (adults).

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You must be related to The Average Homeboy, Blazin' Hazen. You've reached the top.

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Video is not as important as IQ, but I don't want it to be an afterthought in the camera's design either. Thanks for the suggestions guys, because I am still shopping...trying not to be so impulsive. The more opinions the better

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maybe 29 front, 26 doesn't get any more legitimate than that DIE: 15mm axles DIE: planned obsolescence

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Man, you guys are a LOT like the BMXers who hate on the 26" wheels with your closed-mindedness on the 29er issue. Get over it... Look at a dirtbike sometime, why don't ya? I, for one, want the trend of hating on 29ers to die. Also, companies that void ... more »

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It's that malt liquor sitting by him...and all along we thought it was the crack that makes Tyrone Biggums the ashy, itchy man he is.

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...and the violet just for Turman.

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I completely agree that it won't be anything like Sunset or The Fix jumps. Just straight hits and such... I think there should be a couple dirt lines that are maintained by a select few riders/volunteers and a big wooden roll-in with some wooden kickers ... more »

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K. Shiz., BONE DETH (click) perfectly represents the stereotypical BMXer that you speak of ...However, this also makes me think that socioeconomic statuses PARTLY determine the bikes in which we ride (26 or 20). It costs nothing the shred some street on a 20, ... more »

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@ Shop Mechanic: "Missed Opportunity"...That is the PERFECT way of putting it. Ride your BMX when you can shred harder on it, and do the same with your MTB. I can't do all these spinny-doos, so I rarely ride my BMX unless I am working on my smoothness. ... more »

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Ridiculous... Can it get any better in and around Boulder for bikers?

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Thanks Sven. That was the in-depth review I was looking for, and it's great to get it from an extremely reputable photographer. Hopefully I will be shooting here pretty soon. -Shawn

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HAHA, you guys blow...But, seriously...I knew there was always an underlying hatred, but I have just recently seen it so vocalized. I never ran into these problems in Boulder. It was always skaters vs bikers in the parks. I'm sad...

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Reading the BMX forums on a few websites recently I have noticed a severe hatred towards mountain bikers. Now, most of the haters were younger riders, but there were a few older guys as well. A lot of you guys have ridden the Gunbarrel jumps, and you ... more »

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Added reply in a thread dj forks 2/2/2010 7:47 PM has them shipped for under $200. I got a wheelset from them and it was to my house within a week from freaking overseas...SHIPPED FOR FREE!!! Don't spend over 200 bucks

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Just get the first marz DJ 1 that pops up on craigslist...dont spend over $140, and make sure it is pretty new, 20mm, and the steer tube is long enough. I don't love the DJ's, but they never broke on me...everything else has.

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"I'm" looking at D-SLR cameras with video for under $650. I found a Nikon D5000 for around that, and I am wondering if any of you have any experience with the camera. I can't stand another blurred photo with "my" point and shoot. For God's sake...the ... more »

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outside foot can only decide to have your foot on the outside or inside if you go into the berm in reverse.

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bear mountain dh

sweet track and photo, little man

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