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Ride Bikes, Raise Money and a Raffle - El Dia De Los Enduros Charity Ride 2019 1

What started as a small group ride has become an annual charity event you won't want to miss next year.

Ride Bikes, Raise Money and a Raffle - El Dia De Los Enduros Charity Ride 2019

Do You Even ‘El Dia De Los Enduros’ Bro?

If you don’t, there are at least three reasons you should: steep trails, tacos, beer, and a great cause (ok...that’s technically four reasons, but who’s counting?)! Last weekend, RideFast Racing’s 4th annual El Dia De Los Enduros went down in the steep, dusty hills of San Juan Capistrano in southern California. For those unfamiliar with ‘El Dia,’ the event includes a charity ride, taco feed, and a swag raffle; all proceeds benefiting the Rett Syndrome Research Trust.

What began four years ago as an underground group ride with 28 riders and the hope of raising a few dollars for charity, has grown to include over 200 friends and riders. For those who missed out this year, the RideFast Racing event is held annually on the second Saturday of November.

Morning sound off led by the founder of the event and RideFast Racing co-owner Scott

Registration for the event includes a t-shirt, a food wristband, a raffle ticket for over $10k in prizes and a discount code for the new RideFast Racing handlebars. After grabbing their packets, riders enjoyed some coffee courtesy of the Racing Roastery. The camaraderie amongst the riders was amazing to see; people reuniting with old friends, meeting new ones, and finally putting faces with those Instagram handles.

Showing off the 2019 Dia De Enduros shirt and the Raffle Table which included products from Crankbrothers, Five Ten, Rev Grips, Troy Lee Designs, Zodiac Lights, Hoppy Trails, Fox, Vital MTB, SkyPark, Oakley, Shimano, SDG Components, Fix Manufacturing, and RideFast Racing

Scott and his business partner, Travis, gathered to discuss the day. Shortly after he grabbed everyone’s attention, Scott introduced Mikyla Smith. Mikyla was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome 12 years ago, and is the reason for the 'El Dia' ride. Scott explained that Rett Syndrome is a rare, debilitating, genetic disorder causing motor planning disability (among other challenges).  The disease is so rare, in fact, that large pharmaceutical companies and research institutions do not devote significant time or funds to finding a cure because, simply stated, it is not a profitable pursuit. Therefore, much of the research in the field of Rett Syndrome is funded entirely through charitable donations.

Mikyla with Scott from RideFast Racing

Scott immediately became emotional as he detailed how motor planning disability prevents Mikyla from performing basic life tasks. Things we take for granted such as chewing, swallowing, or moving her mouth requires conscious effort. It painted a picture of what it would be like to live with such a debilitating disease. 

Mikayla not only provided motivation for this event, but so did Scott’s company, RideFast Racing. Scott left a career in business to pursue his dreams of creating his own company creating products for the sport he loved. With visible tears, Scott described that RideFast Racing began from a love of riding bikes and a passion that stems from the freedom bikes offer. The ability to get away, to get into nature, to ride terrain the way you want, to make lifelong connections with others; all of these things and more, motivate people to get out on two wheels each day. Biking truly represents everything that Mikayla’s life lacks. She has a healthy and active mind, but has such few choices due to her physical limitations. Her life has left an indelible mark on Scott’s life and pushed him to pursue something he may otherwise have shied away from. 

Scott’s emotional response set the tone for the event, emphasizing that this event is about more than biking. While he was embarrassed by his display of raw emotions, his speech provided a level of passion and authenticity that makes 'El Dia' something truly special. It made every person there truly appreciate each other, their freedoms, biking, and the entire day. It is obvious how grateful Scott is that so many people and companies choose to donate their time, products, money, and energy for Mikayla and Rett Syndrome.

After the speaker, a dozen different riding groups broke off, each led by a local hand-picked Riding Guide. Although El Dia De Los Enduros is not a race, the ride is set up enduro-style - around five steep descents with sections as steep as 32%. Scott hand picked a variety of trail styles ranging from flowy jump trails, to loose, off camber, old-school, DH-type, tracks.

One of the many 12-15 person groups ready to drop their first trail of the day

Two RideFast Racing Riders Zak Rustigian goes high while Dylan Vanek goes low

Travis from RideFast was out there ripping with the boys, always cool when companies are run by riders

There were 12 miles of riding with lots of bragging, skidding, crashing, laughing and trash-talking along the way. A group Strava is created and one downhill is chosen at random to decide the winners of the Dia De Los Enduros. The winner takes home bragging rights and a crystal skull full of vodka.

Anyone who has ridden in Southern California knows that the trails are much steeper than they appear!

Some chose to ride in party trains

While others took the solo approach Rider: Dylan Vanek

A Chape laying the dust down

Ash Murrin eating it up

Cody Masson from the Incycle Race Team getting rowdy in one of the steepest chutes

As riders returned, there were fresh tacos on the grill courtesy of California Creations and cold beer and drinks on tap thanks to MAMON Hillside Eatery.  As lunch continued, focus began to quickly shift to the table full of raffle prizes (and on the people making their way through the crowd selling additional raffle tickets).  There were more than $10,000 in raffle prizes to be won from brands like Fox, TLD, Shimano, Zodiac Lights, Oakley, RevGrips, Fix MFG, SDG, Hoppy Trails, Sky Park, FiveTen, Zoic, VitalMTB, and, of course, RideFast. With 100% of the raffle funds, and all of the ride proceeds, going to Rett Syndrome Research Trust to fund Rett Research, riders were more than generous in their efforts to tilt the raffle odds in their favor!

Tacos from California Creation waiting for riders to return

Can't have tacos without a tasty beverage to go along with it courtesy of MARMON Hillside Eatery

As lunch quieted down, the winners of the day were announced and the raffle began. People began hauling off winnings such as ProFrame helmets, XT disc brakes, SDG dropper posts and FiveTen shoes. The raffle concluded with RideFast giving away a set of their soon-to-be-released carbon handlebars and the grand prize of a RideFast wheelset. As the raffle concluded, people lounged in the grass finishing their tacos and beers, swapping ride stories and making plans to come back again for next year’s event!

Tina West going back to back as the female winner for 2018 and 2019. Can any woman dethrone her in 2020?

Fastest rider on the day Sam Woodhouse took home the crystal skull and proving you can have a mullet and ride fast at the same time!

Scott showing off his 'giveaway' face and ensuring almost everyone went home with something

We hate him because we ain't him, the big winner took home a brand new carbon wheelset of their choosing courtesy of RideFast Racing

For info on next year’s event follow RideFast Racing’s social media pages. For information on Rett Syndrome or to donate directly to Rett Syndrome Research Trust visit:

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