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Reply to #RIDEMTBDAY 7/20/2018 8:20 AM

Every day is #RIDEMTBDAY. Society is weird.

Reply to Why has no one won an EWS on a Santa Cruz Nomad? 10/15/2015 1:09 PM

Because they are still selling them like hot cakes at full pop to you Joeys.

Too much bike for for the hammer-fests of the EWS.
Reply to DON'T STEAL BIKES 7/6/2012 11:17 AM

THIS IS AWESOME! Thank god you saw the F*** take off! No way could i control myself after something like that...good for you!

Reply to where are you riding this weekend? 9/30/2011 7:45 PM

Mammoth...Closing weekend!

Reply to Industry Job's? 1/19/2011 1:01 PM

Its all just really about WHO you know....