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Pile of spacers + drop bar. MmmmK.

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Its simple. Trek had a LOI. This is usually not legally binding (despite what they say). Gwin knows his time in the limelight is likely limited so he's making the most of it. What gives? If his performance dropped or we hit a major economic downturn Trek would drop him without a regret. So he's doing the same thing. Big whoop. Nothing immoral about it. Supply and demand. Right now there is one of Gwin and a lot of demand. Good for him. Good for the sport. Not a issue of character at all.

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Wonder if the KHS boys are running the DVO internals on the Manitou Dorado or not...

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The proto pictured there is about 30-31lbs I think with pedals... and the production frames will be lighter. I'm not saying that frame weight is not a factor I consider, just that I know it isn't the only important thing to consider, I would certainly argue that linkage efficiency and frame stiffness make a bigger difference on frames where weight is similar. As I often find myself saying... if you want a lighter weight to drag up a hill, go for a shit before you ride, as it is combined weight of bike and rider that matters.

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