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BREAKING news: The Loam Ranger off Pole

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Dang, would have streamed this if it was being broadcast. Looks like an awesome race.

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Not sure my eyes could take looking at that DH bike though. I already have to avert my eyes when Polygon UR is on track.

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110% his run was bonkers and oozed creativity, gnar, risk and style.

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I can tell you that being off a DH bike for also 6 years and on trail bikes then finally buying one (2 weeks ago) was an outstanding decision. I bought a red Tues which a pretty solid spec but even if it had heavier wheels and a even more budget drivetrain ... more »

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Thanks dude, I was skeptical about getting red but I didn't want a white bike. I was pleasantly surprised with the red. Looks awesome in person. Now i'm considering getting the Tues in red.

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Here are some pictures of the bike and riding it at local trails

... more »
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I took a chance and bought a Jeffsy this last Feb. Here was my experience getting the bike and riding the bike so far. FedEx dropped my Jeffsy 27 Pro today. Ordered last Wednesday, received a shipping notification on Friday and it showed up 6 days later. ... more »

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That's rad. The idea is great. I wonder if lateral stiffness is enough to keep the shock from binding. Just an armchair observation.

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Yeah but.. colors. Which in my opinion is the only reason to upgrade.

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I'd really like to see what Banshee is doing. Likely not big changes but I'm still super interested. So if you're taking requests on what to see, that's mine.

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Just a little deadband in my levers before they engage. That and noise free drivetrain. Can't stand noise from the BB & cranks specifically.

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1. Never leave a buddy behind. not ditching a buddy is more important than who can get to the bottom or top fastest (unless your road riding ... because that's all that matters). 2. Make fun of Lycra as much as possible because at some point you'll own ... more »

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1. Start a fund for riders who are injured competing. Kind of like Aflac but they don't have to pay in to it. 2. Disappear

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admittedly I did not read all of the comments however I have experience with this so I figured I'd share. I dented my i9 enduro rim badly in two places and the tire would not seal. I took the tire off then put it in a truing stand and started bending ... more »

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Zink had a pretty obvious tweet today

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YT is a proven winner, just not in DH.

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I'm more inclined to say this system works. Simply because we've see two failures out of how many successful practice/testing/race runs. I think people assumed (and Schwalbe supported) that you can run pressures far lower than with normal tubeless. This ... more »